Java implements an example of converting the first letter of a string to uppercase and all other methods to lowercase


This article illustrates how Java implements the conversion of the first letter of a string to uppercase and all other methods to lower case. Share for your reference, as follows:

public class TestSubstring {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    String s = getConvert("adsJKJ3K21AfaAD134F13241d134134s141faAAFDF");
  // Convert the first letter of a string to uppercase, and all the rest to lowercase.
  public static String getConvert(String str) {
    String first = str.substring(0, 1);
    String after = str. substring (1); //substring (1) to get all the remaining strings after index position 1
    first = first.toUpperCase();
    after = after.toLowerCase();
    Return "converted string:" + first + after; //Adsjkj3k21afaad134f13241d134s141faaafdf

Operation results:

PS: Here are some related online tools for your reference.

Online alphabet-case conversion tool:

Online Chinese Pinyin Contrast Conversion Tool:

Online Chinese-English alphabetical sorting tool:

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I hope this article will be helpful to the design of Java program.

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