Java examination system project source code springboot mybaits Vue JS supports mobile examination


New functions: training and learning module, PDF e-course, video course and live course (build your own live streaming server)

Face recognition (verification during examination, with switch) and make-up switch

————————————————-Item bank management

22. Picture library: create a file directory and maintain pictures for the question bank to choose and call

23. Single choice questions: maintain single choice questions, test questions, options, answers, types, levels, statuses, and resolutions

24. Multiple choice questions: maintain multiple choice questions, questions, options, answers, types, levels, statuses, and resolutions

25. Judgment questions: maintain judgment questions, test questions, answers, types, levels, status, and analysis

26. Blank filling questions: maintain blank filling questions, test questions, answers, types, levels, status, and analysis

27. Question and answer: maintain question and answer, question, answer, type, level, status and analysis

28. Compound questions: maintain compound questions, rich text editor, question, answer, type, level, status and analysis

————————————————-Test paper management

29. Set up test paper: create test paper, title, type, total score, passing score, duration, achievement method, repeat test, publish answers, test objects, etc

Test paper question type: test paper details, add question type and score to the test paper, randomly or manually select test questions from the question bank, preview the test questions, and automatically total the total score of the test paper

30. Test paper list: maintain test papers, preview test papers, and issue test papers

————————————————-Examination management

31. Being tested: view the information of the test paper being tested, preview the content of the test paper, view the candidates’ scores, and end the test operation

32. History test: view the history test paper information, preview the test paper content, view the candidates’ scores, and delete the test paper

33. Marking test paper: when manual marking is required for test paper setting, the test paper submitted by candidates will enter this column. Filling in the blank question and answer complex questions requires manual scoring

34. Score management: you can retrieve the candidates’ scores according to the conditions, sort the scores in reverse order, view the ranking, view the candidates’ test paper information, and view the test question statistical chart

————————————————-My exam

35. Take the exam: according to the current personal conditions, you can see the qualified papers for the exam, time the papers, judge the unanswered questions, and submit them after answering

36. Examination record: no matter whether the test paper is submitted or not, it will be recorded in this column. You can see that your answer is the entered answer

37. My grades: check my grades. For those that need manual evaluation, you can see the grades only after evaluation. For those that have been issued, you can view the test paper information, statistics, etc

38. My wrong questions: the system will automatically record the wrong questions

39. My collection: check the test paper information in my grades. There is a collection button next to the questions. After collection, the corresponding test questions enter this column

40. Interface API: generated by integrating swagger interface API

41. PDF course: watch PDF Online, upload PDF, set subjects, class hours and authorized objects

42. Video management: maintain and upload videos MP4, set subjects, class hours, cover charts and authorized objects

43. Video course: watch videos, which can be filtered according to subject class hours

44. Live broadcast management: edit live broadcast information, lecturers, subjects, class hours and live broadcast lines (build a live streaming server to collect desktop, video, audio, etc.)

45. Live broadcast course: watch live broadcast, video barrage


Menu permissions: different menu permissions are assigned to each role. Each role sees different menus. N-level menus

Button permissions: independently assign different roles and different function permissions. Add, delete, modify and query permissions are assigned to different menus, and user-defined button management

It supports multi-user permission management background. Permissions are specific to different menus and different buttons (a user can have multiple roles)

———————Technical point

1. Import and export Excel files (applied to system users)

2 generate word file (applied to doc document generated by code generator)

3. Download the IO stream file (the application is compressed into a zip file after being generated in the code generator)

4 code zip compression and packaging (compressed into zip file after being generated in the code generator)

5. MD5 encryption Sha encryption (login password is encrypted with this) interface encryption identity verification

6. The Druid of the database connection pool. Druid has obvious advantages in monitoring, scalability, stability and performance, and supports concurrency

7. Security framework Shiro (login authorization) (Session Management) (Shiro annotation menu permission interception) (Shiro label button permission)

8. Freemaker template engine (for code generator)

9. Ehcache customize the cache, select the cache storage directory, handle concurrency, and increase system performance

10. Tab tab page function, the tags can be switched freely without repeated operation of the database (all can be closed, the current can be closed, and others can be closed)

11. Multi data source technology

12. Call camera photographing technology and picture cutting technology (user avatar editing)

13. Online editor, imitation development tool (template editing of code generator)

14. Single group email can be sent in HTML and plain text format

15. Analyze the full spelling (Pinyin) and initials of Chinese characters according to Chinese characters (import Excel to the user table, and generate Pinyin user name according to the user’s Chinese character name)

16. In station signal voice reminder, JS control audio playback

17. Java read / write INI configuration file

18. Java websocket instant messaging technology, peer-to-peer, friends and groups, send picture files, offline messages, and keep chat records

19. Baidu rich text editor can upload pictures and attachments

20. Java quartz task scheduling (Applied in the database scheduled backup module)

21. Ajax asynchronous cross domain technology, cross domain upload of files and pictures

22. Batch asynchronous upload of pictures, preview, progress bar, drag and drop upload (Baidu webuploader). Dynamic sliding enlarged display of the list.

23. Ecarts histogram and pie chart shall be applied to the statistics of test questions

24.pdf file online preview

25. Video playback technology

26. Live streaming technology

27. Face recognition

28. QR code generation

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