Java examination system project source code springboot mybaits vue.js Support mobile terminal examination


————————————————-Question bank management

22Picture library: create a file directory, maintain pictures for the question bank to select and call

23Single choice questions: maintain single choice questions, questions, options, answers, types, levels, status, parsing

24Multiple choice questions: maintain multiple choice questions, questions, options, answers, types, levels, status, parsing

25Judgment questions: maintain judgment questions, questions, answers, types, levels, status, analysis

26. fill in question: maintain fill in question, question, answer, type, level, status, parsing

27Question and answer: maintain question and answer, question, answer, type, level, status, parsing

28Compound questions: maintain compound questions, rich text editor, questions, answers, types, levels, status, parsing

————————————————-test paperAdministration

29Set up test paper: set up test paper, such as title, type, total score, passing score, duration, performance method, repeat test, announce answer, test object, etc

Question type of test paper: details of test paper, adding question type and score to test paper, randomly or manually selecting test questions from question bank, previewing test questions, and automatically totaling total score of test paper

30Test paper list: maintain test paper, preview test paper, operate and issue test paper


31Test in progress: view the information of the test paper in progress, preview the content of the test paper, view the examinee’s score, and end the test operation

32History test: view the information of history test paper, preview the content of the test paper, view the examinee’s score, delete the test paper

33. marking test paper: when manual marking is required for test paper setting, the test paper submitted by candidates will enter this column, and manual marking is required for filling in the blanks and answering compound questions

34. score management: you can retrieve the candidates’ scores according to the conditions, rank in reverse order, view the ranking, view the candidates’ test paper information, and view the statistical chart of test questions

————————————————-My exam

35Participate in the examination: according to the current personal conditions, you can see the papers that meet the requirements for the examination. The paper will be timed to judge the unanswered questions, and then you can submit them after answering

36Examination record: no matter whether the paper is submitted or not, it will be recorded in this column. You can see that your answer is the input answer

37My grades: check your own grades. If you need to review manually, you can only see the grades after review. If you have finished, you can view the test paper information, statistics, etc

38My wrong questions: the system will automatically record the wrong answers

39My collection: in my score, check the information of the test paper. There is a collection button next to the question. After collection, the corresponding question will enter this column


Menu permissions: different menu permissions are assigned to each role, and each role sees different menus, N-level menus

Button permissions: independently assign different roles and different function permissions, add, delete, modify and query permissions, assign them to different menus, and Customize button management

Support multi-user sub authority management background,Permissions are specific to different menus and buttonsA user can have multiple roles

———————Technical points

1. Import and export excel file (used in system users)

2 generate word file (applied to doc document generated by code generator)

3. IO stream download file (compressed into zip file after generated in code generator)

4 code zip package(compressed into zip file after generated in code generator)

5. MD5 encryption Sha encryption (login password with this encryption) interface encryption identity verification

6. The Druid of the database connection pool. Druid has obvious advantages in monitoring, scalability, stability and performance, and supports concurrency

7. Security framework Shiro (login authorization) (Session Management) (Shiro annotation menu permission interception) (Shiro label button permission)

8.Freemaker template engine (for code generator)

9. Ehcache user defined cache, select cache storage directory, handle concurrency, and increase system performance

10. Tab tab page function, label switch freely, do not repeat the operation of the database (can close all, close the current, close other)

11. Multi data source technology

12. Call camera photography technology, image cutting technology (user portrait editing)

13. Online editor, imitation development tool (template editing of code generator)

14. Single group email, can send HTML, plain text format

15. Analyze the full spelling (Pinyin) and initials of Chinese characters according to Chinese characters (import Excel to user table, and generate Pinyin user name according to user’s Chinese name)

16. Station voice reminder, JS control audio playback

17. Java read and write INI configuration file

18. Java websocket instant messaging technology, peer-to-peer, friends, groups, send picture files, offline messages, keep chat records

19. Baidu rich text editor, which can upload pictures and attachments

20. Java quartz task scheduling(used in database regular backup module)

21. Ajax asynchronous cross domain technology, cross domain upload files, pictures

22. Batch asynchronous upload pictures, preview, progress bar, support drag and drop upload (Baidu webuploader). The list is displayed dynamically and enlarged.

23. Ecarts histogram and pie chart are used in the statistics of test questions

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