Java development – front end and back end separation


As we all know, java development is the development of back-end, we often deal with the front-end, but pay more attention to the implementation of back-end code, the front-end pages are done by the front-end developers, so how to separate the front-end from the back-end?

First, the development of the back end,

In mapperLayer:StudentMapper




Student service in the service layer:




Student serviceimpl in the service layer:




In the student controller layer:




stay StudentMapper.xmlMedium:





front end:

First, add theCross domainNote:@CrossOrigin




Then cut CSS, HTML, JS from idea, copy them to hbuilder, change the path of URL to prefix and add http://localhost :8080Namelyurl:”http://localhost:8080/findByPage”Save it!!!



The final test is enough










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