Java custom form dynamic form designer workflow engine flowable design scheme


Workflow module——————————-

1.Model management: web online process designer, import / export XML, copy process, deployment process

2.*Process management*: import and export process resource files, view flow charts, reflect process models according to process instances, activate and suspend

3.Running process: view process information, current task node, current flowchart, void and suspend process, assign to-do personFree jump

4.Historical process: view process information, process time, process status, and view task initiator information

5.To do tasks: view personal tasks and tasks under this role, handle, reject, void, and assign the following agents

6.Completed tasks: view the tasks handled by yourself, as well as the process information, flow chart and process status (voiding and rejecting are completed normally)

Custom form ————–

Define template: drag the form element on the left to the area on the right, edit the form element and save the form template

Form template: edit and maintain form templates, copy form templates, modify template types, and preview form templates

My form: select form template, edit form rules, whether to upload pictures and attachments, turn on rich text, attach process switch, etc

Form data: from my form, you can add, delete, modify, query form data and modify form rules

Affiliated record: records the form data and process instance ID associated records, which can be deleted

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