Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem


Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

The first cat. 1 Internet of things chip + blockchain bottom integration solution is implemented

By Wang Jiwei

In 2009, with Nakamoto’s “point to point electronic advanced system theory” into practice, bitcoin appeared. When No. 0 Chuangshi block and No. 1 block are connected to form a chain, the blockchain is officially born.

Since then, the global mining model has been opened, and bitcoin prices have been soaring. On December 17, 2017, the price of bitcoin rose to $19870.6 at one time, and then kept falling and rising. Now, it’s back at $10000.

After the popularity of bitcoin, the coin circle is booming. The various tokens for the purpose of cutting leeks only care about how to make dishes and harvest, and do not care about the underlying blockchain technology of e-money. Because that is to say, the leeks don’t understand, they don’t care. The people who speculate in currency are dreaming of Li Xiaolai’s “wealth and freedom” every day.

However, in addition to the “leek harvest success” created a round of wealth stories, blockchain technology has taken root, sprouted and grown in more industries. When the big guys in the currency circle all went abroad, people found that the currency was gone, but the blockchain was on fire. In particular, after the government has written it into the report, blockchain applications are affecting more industries.

Blockchain is a distributed shared account book and database. It has the characteristics of decentralization, unforgeability, whole process trace, traceability, collective maintenance, openness and transparency. Based on these characteristics, blockchain can be applied to finance, Internet of things, insurance, digital copyright and many other fields.

Especially in the field of Internet of things, the Internet of things and blockchain are known as “made in heaven”. By integrating blockchain technology into the Internet of things, with the help of the “Internet of things” property of the Internet of things, blockchain applications can be everywhere, and the operation of the Internet of things can achieve higher efficiency, faster speed and more secure security.

The vision is full, but realistic. Blockchain and the Internet of things are indeed gradually integrated application, but there are many problems. For example, for security, most blockchain applications are only deployed in the cloud. However, if the data on the local device has not been online, and there is a risk of modification or intrusion, can it still be trusted by smart contracts? For example, when the complexity of the application blockchain and the proportion of resource investment are too high, even if the blockchain is good, it will be rejected by enterprises.

On the one hand, it is urgent to solve the security and efficiency problems of the Internet of things through blockchain, while on the other hand, it encounters various difficulties and uncertainties in practical application. How to solve the contradiction between strong expectation and helpless reality?

In this context, on May 27, Ziguang zhanrui, together with Molian technology, guanghetong and Wanxiang blockchain, made a landmark event: it launched the world’s first cat. 1 Internet of things chip + blockchain bottom fusion solution, which deeply integrated the chip and blockchain, and solved the problem of integration and application of the Internet of things and blockchain from the source of underlying data.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

Seeing this, enterprises in urgent need of blockchain solutions may ask: what kind of solution is this? Don’t worry, listen to Wang Jiwei channel for you to analyze in detail.

From the solution, based on cat. 1 bottom fusion solution

This is the solution. Based on chunteng 8910dm chip platform of Ziguang zhanrui Internet of things chip platform and boat (blockchain of AI things) blockchain application framework of Molian technology, guanghetong has created a cat. 1 blockchain module l610. Wanxiang blockchain provides an open-source platform system for alliance blockchain. Finally, downstream businesses encapsulate the chip module and system in the device terminal, so as to realize the device networking and data access to the blockchain.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

In this solution, several manufacturers have their own advantages.

Through chunteng 8910dm Internet of things chip platform, Ziguang zhanrui constructs the underlying secure and trusted environment, and connects the blockchain application platform with the physical world to complete the secure data acquisition and communication functions.

Through the self-developed blockchain application framework boat, which is carried on the cellular Internet of things platform, Molian technology fully supports the chain up of trusted data of various Internet of things devices.

Based on the chunteng 8910dm chip platform and the boat blockchain application framework of Molian technology, guanghetongze launched the world’s first cat. 1 blockchain module l610, which has rich interfaces, supports multiple protocols and application services, and is suitable for many fields.

Wanxiang blockchain takes advantage of its experience and resource advantages in the research and development and application of blockchain technology, and through the blockchain platform platone, it helps enterprises complete the data sharing across organizations without leakage of privacy, as well as data financialization and capitalization, so as to assist the transformation of traditional information internet of things into value Internet of things.

To put it simply,This scheme can enable IOT devices equipped with chunteng 8910dm chip to have the ability to access the blockchain and call the smart contract. The data on the cloud and the data eigenvalue on the chain can be carried out at the same time, so as to realize the “chain on cloud” data trusted correspondence.

Of course, with this solution first landing on Ziguang zhanruichunteng 8910dm, it has become the world’s first cat. 1 bis IOT chip platform supporting blockchain technology.

Software and hardware integration to solve the integration problem of blockchain + Internet of things

This scheme, for several cooperative manufacturers, is the practice of IOT + blockchain integration innovation. For downstream manufacturers, it is already a brand-new Internet of things experience. The significance is that it allows IOT devices to apply chip level underlying security blockchain technology more simply, and only needs to carry the Ivy 8910dm.

This solution can make the equipment manufacturers “once and for all”, and the integration of software and hardware is the essence. After a large number of IOT and blockchain integration applications, many manufacturers have long considered the software and hardware integration as the best solution.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

The reason is that the current intersection of the Internet of things and the blockchain is mainly in the cloud. After the IOT equipment collects data, the data is put on the chain through software. If the underlying hardware architecture has not deployed trusted data on the chain, the source data is still at risk of being tampered with.

At the same time, the unencrypted traffic information of Internet of things devices will have a greater probability of being attacked and obtained. According to the 2020 unit 42 IOT threat report, 98% of the IOT device traffic is not encrypted, and 57% of the IOT devices are vulnerable to moderate or high-intensity attacks.

Therefore, pure software on the chain is not the best way to open the IOT integration blockchain technology.

In order to solve the above problems and truly achieve a higher degree of whole process data chaining, it is necessary to deploy the trusted data uplink capability at the bottom of the hardware of the terminal equipment through the “software hardware integration”, break through the key link of the Internet of things + blockchain, and realize the uplink from the data source.

If the IOT terminal equipment is trusted, the enterprise can effectively reduce the security risk together with the blockchain consensus trust mechanism, and finally realize the commercial closed-loop based on the blockchain consensus trust mechanism.

I’d like to say a few more words here.For the solution of software and hardware integration, Wang Jiwei believes that the focus of “software and hardware integration” is not on various software applications, but on hardware performance. Specific to the Internet of things, reflected in the more appropriate Internet of things communication chip.However, which communication technology is more suitable for the combination of software and hardware of the Internet of things + blockchain? After a series of studies, people in the industry believe that cat. 1 has the most obvious advantages, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  • In terms of bandwidth, delay, mobility and voice, it can perfectly replace the traditional 2G;
  • It is carried on the existing LTE network without the operator’s continuous investment;
  • Single antenna design reduces the cost of terminal manufacturers;
  • The price is lower and the technology is mature and stable.

Therefore, after the Ministry of industry and information technology has made clear the 2G / 3G network withdrawal strategy, cat. 1 is the best choice for massive Internet of things connection. If you want to choose cat. 1 chip, it’s natural to use purple light zhanrui. The world’s first LTE cat. 1 bis chip platform chunteng 8910dm, which was released in November last year, has been applied in many fields. It can provide Internet of things chips with full scene and multi connection and corresponding technical solutions for middle and downstream manufacturers.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

This is also the reason why several manufacturers such as Molian technology preferred Ziguang zhanrui in the IOT + blockchain integration scheme.

Blockchain technology makes the information internet of things transform into the value Internet of things

Xianmiao, vice president of Ziguang zhanrui industrial Internet of things, believes that there are many problems in the current Internet of things, such as fragmented demand, multi-agent and multi-standard, terminal security risk, information privacy risk, and low operational efficiency caused by centralized management. On the one hand, how to realize the commercial value of massive IOT data is a difficult problem for all manufacturers to explore continuously.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

In terms of the application of blockchain, since vitalik buterin (V God) proposed that “bitcoin should expand its currency function and become a platform for the next generation of smart contracts and decentralized applications”, and launched Ethereum in 2013, various industries have embarked on the road of exploring the application of blockchain technology in various industries. Among them, the Internet of things industry is the most diligent.

There is no other reason,Blockchain data is difficult to tamper with, traceable and traceable. It can transform the massive data obtained by the Internet of things at low cost into large-scale, high-efficiency and low-cost trustworthy data, while ensuring the stability and security of the data.In particular, distributed data recording and storage based on decentralized architecture can effectively reduce the pressure and risk of traditional centralized computing.

Notice that Wang Jiwei uses the word “transform” here.In fact, enterprises in the process of digital transformation, from business data to data business, in essence, is to make a large amount of data generate value again through certain means.

Now, what many blockchain organizations are doing is to explore and research how to transform the information internet of things into the value Internet of things. For example, platone, a new generation of alliance blockchain platform characterized by privacy computing, is doing this by Ziguang zhanrui’s partner, Wanxiang blockchain with V God as the chief scientist.

However, how to achieve value conversion? To transform the information internet of things into the value Internet of things, there are great difficulties in the past: the operation of the Internet of things is difficult, and the security of the chain is difficult. Now, it can be realized by Ziguang zhanrui’s cat. 1 Internet of things chip + blockchain bottom level integration solution.

How to achieve this? Here is a simple application case.

Cloud smart, which focuses on the Internet of vehicles and shared travel, has adopted the cat. 1 + blockchain fusion scheme for its new shared travel platform. Based on this solution, cloud smart launched a new industry solution with “decentralized OTA platform as the core”. The terminal equipment T-box equipped by car rental company is equipped with guanghetong LTE cat. 1 module l610 to realize low-cost cloud and chain connection. In terms of operation architecture, the middle layer uses blockchain with distributed storage public chain as the core to replace OTA platform.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

Among them, yunga intelligent undertakes the function of mobile travel service provider, and users realize the vehicle reservation function and the execution of smart contract through the cloud smart travel platform. In the past, the profits of the intermediate platform were returned to the vehicle suppliers and consumers, so as to increase the income of 85% of the participants.

So,Originally operated by centralized businesses, with opaque information, big data screening, and unfair value distribution, all of them have been replaced by blockchain technology, which is open and transparent, and can not be tampered with. It has technically reconstructed performance and redistributed value.

In theory, the cloud Cafe intelligent shared travel solution can be copied to any field where there is an intermediary platform. In order to do this, we only need to carry LTE cat. 1 module l610 in the IOT hardware equipment to realize synchronous cloud and chain connection.

Postscript: Internet of things + blockchain enable new infrastructure, value Internet of things helps digitization

In fact, the convergence scheme of IOT chip + blockchain will replace the intermediate operator, which is only the common usage in the future era of Internet of things. The more important role of the value Internet of things enabled by blockchain lies in data capitalization.

Data assets refer to the data resources owned or controlled by enterprises and can bring economic benefits to enterprises. Data capitalization is to transform the operation, fixed assets, models and even operation of enterprises into valuable data, and make them become data resources that can be realized.

There are two forms of data capitalization: one is to help existing products realize the growth of revenue; the other is that data itself can generate value. The first is common, which can directly guide the operation of enterprises to generate value. The second one is used to describe the assets of enterprises, which can be used in financial circulation to strengthen cash flow and support the implementation of strategy.

Data capitalization means that enterprises can use data assets to finance or loan in order to solve various problems encountered in enterprise operation. This is very important and necessary for the enterprises struggling to survive after the epidemic.

Data capitalization is also very important for the digital transformation of enterprises. For the “no money transfer” enterprises, we can first capitalize the enterprise data, and then get the money through asset pledge, and then carry out digital transformation according to the plan. And it is relatively simple to achieve this. Only by using Ziguang zhanrui, a cat. 1 Internet of things chip + blockchain bottom fusion solution, we can realize the chain of trusted data and take the first step of digital transformation.

Ivy 8910dm chip bottom solution to solve the block chain IOT convergence problem

From the perspective of digital transformation, before we explored digital transformation, we always discussed how to use process automation, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to assist enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Few people think about how to let enterprises realize value application with some data first. Now, through certain means to asset and finance the relevant data of enterprises, we can turn from the information internet of things to the value Internet of things.

At the same time, in the process of this transfer, enterprises will be forced to upgrade and apply various digital facilities, so as to improve the speed of digital transformation. If these solutions can be integrated into the new infrastructure, it will further improve the efficiency of the new infrastructure to promote the digital transformation, thus benefiting more enterprises.

andFrom the perspective of the importance and demand of enterprises for data capitalization and financialization, the new infrastructure not only needs to integrate cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, but also needs to integrate blockchain technology to improve the operation efficiency of the Internet of things, help enterprises quickly realize data capitalization, so as to achieve stable operation and accelerate digital transformation.

Therefore, such as Ziguang zhanrui’s cat. 1 Internet of things chip + blockchain bottom integration solution should be vigorously promoted.

[Wang Jiwei channel focuses on TMT and IOT, focusing on digital transformation and process automation. ]