ITunes prompt not found coreaudiotoolbox.dll What should we do?


When the desktop computer opens iTunes, it will prompt that it cannot be found coreaudiotoolbox.dll , and then let you solve or close online. Online solution basically can’t solve any problems. At this time, we need to use the following method

1. Not found coreaudiotoolbox.dll , you can download the coreaudiotoolbox.dll Copy to the specified directory (generally system directory or software directory at the same level)

2. Then select x86 / x64 according to the situation of your system. X86 is a 32-bit computer and x64 is a 64 bit computer. If it’s a win7 system, right-click My Computer – properties to see. If it’s XP system, if it’s 64 bit, it’s 64 bit. If it’s not marked, it’s 32 bit.

3. Copy the file directly to the system directory of Windows XP / win7 system (64 bit system corresponds to 64 bit DLL file, 32 bit system corresponds to 32 bit DLL file) coreaudiotoolbox.dll Copy to the directory of C: Windows: system32. If your system is 64 bit, please copy the 32-bit DLL file to C: \ “windows \” syswow64

4. Open start run-Enter Regsvr32 coreaudiotoolbox.dll“, just press enter.