It’s really lucky in all kinds of little secret apes


The last time I wrote such a long article, I probably did my master’s thesis. Don’t step on it if you don’t like it. Praise those you like.
100% Remote
I joined the company during the epidemic, and the team was fully remote as early as December 2019. I thought the team had some algorithm to calculate the 20-year disaster and rehearsed a wave in advance. I started working all remotely alone. (to speak of my lot of pain, space limitations, if there is still opportunity for me to write later, I will definitely make complaints about it and look forward to it).
We have stepped through many pits of cooperation and communication. Many colleagues have just encountered many problems remotely. Asynchronous communication, misplaced working hours, limited cooperation, and life and work can not be cut. Programmers often fall into their own logical hole because they drill the tip of an ox horn, which neither solves the problem nor wastes time… Ian God uses many years of remote experience to share many methods to adapt to remote work. (I hope we can invite him to write about the remote pit later.) our remote sharing has gradually become a fixed fishing program.
Although it is a remote team, we still have a beautiful office in Hangzhou, with all kinds of snacks on the bar and all kinds of drinks in the refrigerator. The little sister of the administration will also regularly ask you what kind of snacks you like. During the afternoon tea time, the boss will run out of the small office to make fun of you.
Don’t trust, just!
When I often have a rest, I see that a hundred messages in the bullshit group (yes, bullshit won’t be dismissed during working hours) have passed, and it turns out that everyone is happily connecting with each other. Xuejie (Xue Jie) that’s what happens when you come to the secret ape. Don’t trust just to get rid of truth and sincerity. It’s also a good partner. Although the secret ape is a technology-oriented platform, not only technicians have the right to speak, whether it’s bosses, employees, technology, design, operation, good ideas and, or can point out where technology can be improved Come and go, our technical level has risen to a higher level. I think this is also the embodiment of another culture. Go straight. Colleagues are straightforward. What we discuss and pursue is the ultimate technology. Complex relationships have no soil here. Sister Xue has too many stories. We must invite him to write in the future.
100% real open source
From the beginning of the company to now, every line of code is on GitHub, and every project is 100% open source. There may be many teams that say they are open source, but on the market, there are only a few teams that are really 100% open source, especially in China.
We have always pursued the spirit of openness and open source, and firmly believe that transparency is the foundation of trust and open source is the cornerstone of blockchain. It has also established long-term cooperative relations with many research institutions and teams at home and abroad to share research results unconditionally with partners.
From research institute to Engineering Department
Although the secret ape sparrow is small and has five internal organs, there is a research institute in the factory. Lead researcher is teacher Zhang Ren. Mr. Ren graduated from Peking University and later went to the University of Reuven in Belgium for a doctorate in electronic engineering. As a top scientist in the field of blockchain, especially in the field of consensus, he was a researcher of the cosic research group of Ku Leuven in Belgium (here is also the birthplace of AES encryption standard).
Last August, he was invited to be a member of the NDSS blockchain direction program committee, one of the four summit meetings on information security, and became one of the review members of the meeting. This is the first time that the conference invited Chinese to be members of the procedural Committee of the regional chain. It is also the first time that the top four leaders of the information security have invited the Chinese mainland block chain researchers to join the program committee. As the only Chinese member of the General Assembly Committee.
However, such a mysterious scholar as goose confirms that sentence. The more powerful a person is, the more modest he is. I occasionally bug him when I encounter any particularly confusing problems. For example, last time we discussed an impressive presentation, he shared with me an interesting observation on good women, critical theory and scholars’ meetings: if you want to stand out in a speech or meeting, you must dress as brightly as possible. It may be that you haven’t come on stage yet, and everyone has begun to look forward to you. People are always visual animals
In the past, I had the impression that researchers were always rigid, Those who pursue scientific research results and forget to eat and sleep (of course, when I was studying in the United States, I saw more doctors who were suffocated because they couldn’t write articles.) and Mr. Ren’s grounded Jingpu is always very kind. This kindness is really precious in remote work. His kindness is also reflected in his attention to our engineering team. The Research Institute always ensures that the latest research is applied to our technology, In addition, different researchers will be invited to share the industry’s cutting-edge hard core technology at the group meeting of the research institute every Thursday. Engineers should jump out of the current code and broaden their horizons in each sharing. (I heard that some people were even more confused after listening, hahaha)
Closed development / play
Remote work always multiplies the sense of loneliness and anxiety. When it comes to deadline, the team will choose to go out and close a wave. Let’s get together (close) together, which increases the opportunities for communication. A large group is on a large table with all kinds of computers and snacks. It has made progress in the morning, talked about the summary before work, and played everyone out to eat barbecue and boast in the evening. Maybe the little partner next to you hasn’t got up the next day, but you’ve run back and started working on the table, but you can always guarantee several days Working together for hours. The cooperation efficiency is doubled, and you can go to the classic of the city in your spare time. Yard by yard, take a break, work and rest. Of course, I have also heard of extreme examples. In a closed development, everyone is playing wildly in front. The deadline is coming, and we are crazy code day and night. Although the deadline is all productive forces, you can rest assured that you can play in a closed way only when you plan your progress.
interest group
Can a remote team have a small community? Of course. Various types of hobbies are reflected here. There are human little sister who loves skiing and rock climbing, little brother who loves triathlon, and little sister, a warm-hearted product manager, who adopts dogs and chinchillas. This hamster colleague really raises all kinds of mice, so that his nickname is hamster. Board games and various scripts have become a good team building game. Now with the app, remote can also be high together. Some colleagues are keen on making funny gifs for the bosses of various groups. The most frequently used gifs in the group are those of the bosses of each group. At the end of 2020, the running group also organized an interesting virtual run. I hope more people can join the club and enjoy life together this year.
Century ape
Once I had dinner with Jan, the boss proudly revealed a proud thing to me. The boss said, “if we fail to succeed in our final career with a probability of 0.000000000 1%, there are still many pairs of people who have married in our factory. It can be regarded as helping everyone find a life partner, and I am also successful! “I didn’t expect a cold man like Jan to have this idea. According to incomplete statistics, there are as many as 9 pairs of secret apes, three of which have been proved.
The young partners of a group really have a good relationship. The team leader is called big brother. Because of the nature of remote work, big brother wants to take the young partners in the group to self drive & go to work. Recently, he has been crazy practicing cars, Although it’s a “waste” that has been hung up n times by section 2, I don’t know if it’s mentioned. It sounds like a very happy thing. Let’s wish him to get his driver’s license as soon as possible. Of course, the epidemic situation must pass quickly.
Yes, there are high chances to find life partners and like-minded friends here.
I’ve been coming to the secret ape for a year. I still often give my friends Amway factory. I like my work, I like the online company of my friends, and I prefer to meet challenges and changes. In the remote environment, my biggest gain is self-discipline to give you freedom. You, Johnny?
Finally, we are still looking for you, excellent you, geek you, straight to you, you who love technology, you who love life. Blockchain engineer, trust engineer, network engineer, VM, various posts at the front and rear ends, join us quickly. There is also Bole bonus for recommending small partners ~ contact Vicky directly( [email protected] )
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