It’s easy to find out who moved your computer


When we are not at home, if the children at home move your computer, how to find the records? How to find out if your computer has been passive? Let’s take a look at the tutorial that Xiaobian explained to you.

First open ourControl panelFor example,

Then find themanagement toolevent viewersystem

At this time, we come to this page, and we can see the system on the right– number of events

At this time, we can see the place we selected in the box, where event 6005 is the power on code and 6006 is the power off code. Of course, other numbers have corresponding meanings,

In this way, when we turn on and off the system every time, we will not lie to tell us that if we find an unknown switch, then you have to ask your friends or children at home.PS: common 6009 information eventlog press Ctrl, alt, delete (abnormal) key to shut down. 6011 information eventlog the NetBIOS name and DNS host name of this machine were changed from machinename to AA.

The above is a tutorial on how to find out if someone else has moved your computer, which is explained by the developer editor. If you need a friend, please try it quickly. If you want to learn more wonderful tutorials, please continue to pay attention to the developer website!