It is this smart “map” that drives China on the easy cloud!


Absrtact: in the era of global communication, people are eager to know not only the simple outline of the map, but also the complex and huge real-time dynamic geographic information. Today, the national geographic information public service platform, together with Huawei cloud, has built a “map on the cloud”, making the world accessible. Let’s have a look!

In the past, every family would hang a map of China and the world. Many people’s concept of the world also originated from that side of the outline. The small map recorded the mountains, rivers and urban culture of the whole world, which also aroused our curiosity about the world.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, paper-based maps have gradually withdrawn from our lives, replaced by electronic maps stored in mobile phones, computers and other forms, searching routes, seeing the world, and all kinds of information within reach. Therefore, it has become a common demand of modern people to obtain a variety of rich geographical content and real-time dynamic information. Where there is demand, there will be response. Tiantu, the national geographic information public service platform, plays such a role.

It is this smart

Tiantu is a web-based geographic information sharing and service portal, which integrates the geographic information resources of various provinces, cities and relevant professional departments in China, and provides authoritative, standard and unified online geographic information services to all kinds of users. With the accumulation of national, provincial and municipal basic surveying and mapping achievements and the rapid development of geographic information industry, as well as the strengthening of data acquisition ability, geographic information achievements are extremely rich. However, due to the lack of online service products for enterprises and the public, difficulties in cross scale and cross regional data integration and sharing, the geographic information integration service capability is insufficient, which limits the ability of Tiantu to further serve the society.

With the advent of the era of cloud + 5g + AI, everything can go to the cloud. Tiantu also has its eyes on the cloud. It decided to join hands with Huawei cloud database to move the original self built database to Huawei cloud to provide better and efficient services.

Sky map & Huawei cloud shows the new charm of “Digital China” on cloud

Huawei cloud database and tianmap jointly create a “cloud + map” cooperation mode, promote the breakthrough innovation of geographic information sharing and intelligent data service, greatly improve the service ability of Tiantu, and highlight the modern charm of “Digital China”.

Fast integration and fast migration

The total data volume of Tiantu database reaches 17tb. If the offline migration scheme is extended, it will take 15 days to recover. However, Tiantu map carries the mission of providing various geographic information services to the public in time, so it can not accept such a long migration time. Considering the quality and progress of database migration, Huawei cloud database decided to adopt a solution of multiple database engine integration to ensure that all kinds of data are free from omission and easy to use.

Huawei cloud gaussdb NoSQL service supports massive data storage of up to 100TB, which can be used to store tile data of geographic information base map, which takes up a lot of space, and is easy to store without pressure. RDS for PostgreSQL enhanced version (GIS plug-in) stores geographic information vector data to provide timely and accurate spatial geographic information. RDS for MySQL stores user information and layer configuration information to ensure the stability and reliability of user data. The rapid integration of multiple databases, working together, 17 TB of massive data migration only took 2 days.

Second level expansion, access to so easy

Tiantu provides geographic information basic platform services for more than 30 ministries and commissions and more than 30 provinces and cities in China, and provides 44 online digital geographic information professional services. The daily average API and service calls are more than 400 million times, and the access pressure is great.

Huawei cloud database uses the latest generation of high expansion mass storage distributed database gaussdb NoSQL to share and resolve the high access pressure, can realize the minute level node expansion and the second level storage expansion, the expansion performance can be improved 100 times, meet the needs of Agile Business elasticity, there is no pressure on the access of hundreds of millions of Tiantu map, the response ability is fast and stable, and the users get information timely and accurately, which effectively guarantees the normal operation of Tiantu under the high load situation.

Multi layer management and control, safe room

As a national service platform, the security and reliability of data is very important. Huawei cloud database gaussdb NoSQL is highly available across AZ, has a perfect cross regional disaster recovery strategy, and can recover in seconds when the failure occurs. It also carries out full backup and incremental backup of the database every day, with data storage up to 732 days. It also conducts regular recovery drills to verify the effectiveness of the backup and recovery process, and realize the minute level backup and recovery, so as to ensure that there is no loss of tianmap data and the business operation is safe and reliable.

It is this smart

A small “map on the cloud” covers the whole world, condensing wisdom and shining the light of science and technology. Together with Huawei cloud database, Tiantu provides more comprehensive, accurate, authoritative, intelligent and humanized geographic information services for the public, so that the whole society can share the achievements of Surveying and mapping development and feel the unique charm of “Digital China”. At present, the second phase construction of the project has been started and continued to be extended to more than 30 provinces and cities in China.

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