It is said that the leading enterprise k8s clusters of fresh food are on the cloud, and the fish can fly?


In this double festival of Mid Autumn Festival and national day, our Xiaoming is still struggling to find a job. It is said that he has experienced a period of time“unforgettable”Interview.

It is said that the leading enterprise k8s clusters of fresh food are on the cloud, and the fish can fly?

Xiao Ming is facing the interviewer’s“Layers of torture”, they solved these problems with ease.

interviewer: what do you know“Orchestration management tool”?

Xiao Ming: YesDocker platform, Google gke, Amazon eksThis kind of platform.

interviewer: you knowk8sYeah?

Xiao Ming: Yes,k8snamelyKubernetes(the initial letter is k, there are 8 characters between the initial letter and the final letter, and the final letter is s, so it is referred to as k8s), also known as “Kube”, which is an open source platform that can automatically implement Linux container operation. It can help users avoid many manual deployment and extension operations of applying the containerization process. That is, you can runLinux containerMultiple groups of hosts are clustered together, and kubernetes helps us manage these clusters easily and efficiently. Moreover, these clusters can spanPublic cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloudDeployment host. Therefore, for cloud native applications that require rapid expansion (such as real-time data stream processing with Apache Kafka),Kubernetes is an ideal hosting platform

interviewer: Well, it’s very detailed. Can you summarize it in one sentence?

Xiao Mingk8sIt is a portable container arrangement management tool for container service, which is equivalent to that your family has children equivalent to a football team (of course, super birth is not advocated, please respond to the national family planning policy!!!), and then you need a full-time nanny to help you manage the daily life of these children. This full-time nanny isk8s, these children are your clusters.

interviewer: Well, in this way, it’s easier to understand. It seems that you can really recite these things, not on Baidu. First come to the company to try them for a period of time

Xiao Ming: OK, thanks.

It is said that the leading enterprise k8s clusters of fresh food are on the cloud, and the fish can fly?

k8sNow, as the shoulder of the industry, it can perfectly solve the problem in all aspects.

fromArchitecture design level, the usability and scalability we focus on can be combinedk8sGet a good solution. If you want to use microservice architecture, matchk8s, it’s really perfect, and then fromDeployment, operation and maintenance, service deployment, service monitoring, application capacity expansion and fault handlingk8sProvide a good solution.

Based on the characteristics of k8s, many companies now choose to use this management platform to develop their business, but there are some companiesHe lacks a professional operation and maintenance teamUnable to give full play to the advantages of the platform, and willBear this huge operation and maintenance pressure

A professional fresh e-commerce Co., Ltd. is a new retail leader in China, which adopts the “pre-made” mode to provide users with high-quality fresh services through the whole process cold chain distribution and community intelligent freezer self delivery. In response to the government’s call to speed up the construction of the “vegetable basket project”, the company is based on the supply of household fresh agricultural products and takes the fresh direct delivery station as the community service point to build an industrial chain integrating planting, picking, sorting, packaging and cold chain distribution.

It is said that the leading enterprise k8s clusters of fresh food are on the cloud, and the fish can fly?

In the early stage of business development, the company built its ownKubernetes cluster under cloudHowever, with the rapid iteration of container technology and the continuous expansion of its own business, multiple versions of clusters need to be maintained at the same time. Each cluster upgrade process is a great business adjustment and a huge operation and maintenance burden.

In order to reduce the operation and maintenance cost, the peak value of data analysis business can be quickly handled through vertical scalability. The company decided to build its own under the cloudKubernetes clusterMigrate to the cloud and build one on the cloud at the same timeKubernetes clusterDeploy new applications, realize the interaction between new and old business requests, and uniformly and centrally manage permissions.

In order to reduce the pressure and cost of operation and maintenance and ensure the stable operation of the business,Cloud switchBased on richKubernetesOperation and maintenance experience to provide customers withKubernetesMigration services:

Connect the network interworking on and off the cloud based on the physical dedicated line, and test the performance of the link,Ensure that the physical leased line can meet the migration requirements

Build multiple kubernetes clusters in the VPC interconnection scenario based on multiple VPCs to open up the physical links between VPCs,Realize the interoperability of data request forwarding

Based on the network communication restrictions within the kubernetes cluster and the characteristics of the VPC, the IP address range, routing table and gateway of Alibaba cloud resources are designed,Maintain the isolation of new and old business network environment

Create a user-defined authorization policy based on position roles to minimize authorization,Avoid the wrong change operation of the cluster caused by human factors

Based on CRD extension, collect container logs to display the overall traffic level, website real-time status, user request distribution and other information,Overview of business monitoring

stayCloud switchUnder the professional ability of anti beating, it helped the enterprise realize self constructionKubernetes clusterSmooth clouds,SimplifiedCluster capacity expansion operation to achieveCloud business architecture improves business continuity and scalabilityTo createEfficientOperation mode andperfectOur supply chain system providesguarantee

It is said that the leading enterprise k8s clusters of fresh food are on the cloud, and the fish can fly?

The enterprise will bring fresh, rich, high-priced and safe fresh ingredients to more consumers, continuously reduce transaction costs, improve user experience and realize zero inventory of fresh food.

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