Issue 50 it’s time to start using CSS custom attributes & the front-end technology system of Amoy system behind 618 promotion & 20 major SEO optimization trends in 2020


After reading Alibaba aliflutter client R & D system

Flutter is an open source UI toolkit, which can help developers build multi platform applications efficiently through a set of code base, supporting mobile, web, desktop and embedded platforms. The flutter component is built with modern responsive framework, and the main idea is to build UI with widget. Starting from the principle of flutter, Wang Kang, a wireless technology expert of Taobao terminal technology department, introduces the principle of flutter, the current situation of the industry, and Alibaba’s in-depth practice and Exploration on flutter.

20 major SEO optimization trends in 2020

Have you ever thought about mastering the art of SEO? If so, then you have to complete a difficult task, that is to find the latest Google search trends, in order to better improve your website ranking. Because SEO is a very dynamic field, you need to know the latest SEO trends to keep your position in search engine results. Here, we provide what SEO strategies and strategies will work and help you dominate SERP in 2020.

It’s time to start customizing properties with CSS

Custom properties (sometimes referred to as CSS variables or cascading variables) are defined by CSS authors, and the values they contain can be reused throughout the document. The value is set by the custom attribute tag (for example: — Main Color: black;), and the value is obtained by the var() function (for example: Color: VAR (- – main color);)

Practice of integrated environment for continuous development of SSR based on docker in front end of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

  1. The overall development efficiency increased by 20%.
  2. Speed up the first screen rendering speed, reduce the white screen time, and increase the page opening speed by 40% in the weak network environment.

Front end technology system of Amoy system behind 618 promotion

In 2020, 618 promotion has passed. As an important annual promotion activity of Amoy department, what kind of role does the front end of Amoy department play in it, and how to ensure the smooth progress of the promotion? What new technologies have been applied? The front-end team of Amoy Department hereby held the 618 series of essay solicitation to introduce the front-end figure in 618. The author of this article is mo Ming from the marketing team, who introduces the front-end technology system of Taoxi department behind 618 promotion.

Vue3 compiler optimizes details and how to write high-performance rendering functions

The compiler of vue3 works closely with runtime to make full use of compile time information, which greatly improves the performance. The purpose of this article is to tell you what optimizations vue3 compiler has done, and some optimization details you may want to know. On this basis, we try to summarize a set of methods for high-performance rendering functions of handwriting optimization mode. This knowledge can also be used to implement a JSX Babel plug-in of vue3, so that JSX It should be clarified that even in the non optimized mode, the diff performance of vue3 is better than that of vue2 in theory. In addition, this paper does not include SSR related optimization, hope to summarize in the next article.

Optimize your webpack configuration from more than ten aspects

  1. Performance optimization of development environment
  2. Performance optimization of production environment

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