Issue 35 using SVG to realize an elegant prompt box


Using SVG to realize an elegant prompt box

Tooltips are often called prompt box (or information prompt box), which can provide users with corresponding prompt information with strong interaction and freedom. Today we’re not going to talk about how to achieve powerful interaction, but to see how to restore their visual effects in the best way, and can be applied to different scenes.

How to design QQ, wechat and other third-party account login? Also want me to say database table design!

Through this article:

  1. We can learn: the details of technical solutions for multi-user, and the corresponding table design, process design.
  2. Can’t learn: like other articles, I won’t have specific code implementation details. If the scheme is right, the code will not be too bad.

The road of cloud origin: the best practice of container technology implementation

With the rapid development and wide application of container technology, there is no doubt that cloud native technology is the inevitable trend of future development. As the first domestic container layout technology, Alibaba cloud has made great achievements in both technology and products. Through Alibaba cloud container services, Yi Li, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, shared the best practices of container technology implementation, hoping to help students better understand container technology and cloud original physiology, reasonably design the cloud architecture, and give full play to the value of cloud.

Interview experience of a front-end P7 boss

Since February this year, except for one UFIDA, most of my interviews have been killed, which can be said to be very cruel. Among them, there are a lot of good positions that I think are still facing, such as Baidu, who to learn from, tal and other companies. To be honest, it’s a big blow.

Basically, the situation began to get better in March. At this time point, the epidemic may be over soon. The country has also launched an infrastructure plan of nearly 40 trillion yuan. At this time, several representative companies interviewed, including Tencent, hungry Mo, Baobao Shu, Kuangshi technology and so on, have basically become.

Finally, on March 9, hungry man just confirmed the position of P7 for me. It is also considered that I have reached another stage of struggle. Make an interview summary of your own experience.

Seeing the essence of react from react hooks

The front-end revolution in the post jQuery era was initiated by angularjs. Its original idea was to copy the technical architecture of the background to the foreground. A core technology of the back end is the so-called template technology. It can be described by a formula

html = template(vars)

This is a particularly intuitive idea: a template is a common function, which concatenates a string (no special structure) according to the input variable information (no special requirements). Basically, the first mock exam is not a traditional solution to the state decentralized management.

Five steps to learn Vue SSR

SSR is no stranger to all of you. Through server-side rendering, you can optimize SEO crawling and improve the loading speed of the home page. When I was learning SSR, I read many articles, some of which have great inspiration for me, and some just copy the official website documents. Through a few days of study, I have some understanding of SSR, and have completely configured the development environment of SSR from the beginning, so I want to summarize some experience through this article, and hope to be able to help some friends learning SSR.

Issue 35 using SVG to realize an elegant prompt box