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All questions are basic, but the answer is not good. Record it here and save your character.

  • Linked list a linked list with a ring. How to confirm that the linked list has a ring and the length of the ring.

  • HashMap design a HashMap. What data structure do you want to use? Can array be used as the data structure to store HashMap? What should I do if I can’t? How to solve hash conflicts? How do you find the corresponding value according to the key in your design

  • MySQL transaction there are several isolation levels of MySQL transaction. This paper expounds how to add read lock and write lock in the serialization isolation level. What is the lock here: table lock? Row lock? Or other locks?

  • The MySQL index assumes that the joint index isselect * from table_ Name where C > 10 and a = 10 and B < 10 limit 2000,10 what’s wrong with this statement and how to optimize it

  • Linux operation related how to view CPU occupation the explanation of the idle field in the top command how to view port occupation how to view file operation permissions the meaning of the first 10 characters in each line in LS – Al how to change file permissions

  • About go, let’s introduce the coprocess and the relationship between coprocess and thread. Mpg model uses go to open multiple coprocesses in a main function. Now that a coprocess is panic, what happens to the main function? Why? User mode and kernel mode

  • TCP is related to the difference between TCP and UDP protocols. What are the characteristics of TCP but not UDP? What is the principle of sliding window in TCP? Assuming that windows 1, 2 and 3 have been sent and remote ack 4 has been sent, should the sliding window move forward at this time? Why?

  • How does HTTP implement the difference between stateful connection cookie and session

  • Programming question string addition: realize addition, but the input and output numbers are in string format

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