[issue 29] background development experience of Tencent Weibo


One side (part)

Talk about internship:

Chat items:

  • Why go

  • Do you know about memory leaks? What’s the harm?

  • A very simple go topic, how to make a deep copy of go.

  • Is map thread safe? How to solve the concurrency security problem?

  • sync. How does map solve thread safety problems? Have you seen the source code?

  • Is copy an operator or a built-in function

  • The underlying principle of slice

  • The underlying principle of map

  • Suppose you need to start mongodb, how can you set only one under Linux?

  • What are you interested in now?

  • A coroutine in go can ensure that it is bound to a kernel thread.

  • Have you ever set up a database, such as Mongo and MySQL.

  • Execution order of defer

  • defer A ; defer B ; Defer panic (“”) can a and B execute

  • How to find the largest number of 10 out of 100000

    No hand tear, no rhetorical question

Two sides (part)

  • Talked about a few items:
  • Difference between go slice and data
  • How to expand the capacity of slices
  • Does it need to be rewritten during capacity expansion
  • What about threads and processes
  • Can go’s collaboration give up the CPU
  • Can go’s coroutine be hung on only one thread
  • What is the process of changing from one collaboration process to another?
  • What is the difference between paging and segmented memory management
  • The difference between memory leak and memory overflow
  • If an array consists of 10 numbers, and now there are only 8 numbers, find out the remaining two numbers? Do these 10 numbers have some order or law?


That won’t

Then there is a rule, such as 1-10

  • Assuming that the world is patriarchal, it will regenerate after giving birth to a girl and stop after giving birth to a boy. From the perspective of probability theory, analyze whether the world will have more men or more women in the future
  • What do you think of the COVID-19 in the world?
  • What role do you think TCM played during the COVID-19? emmm……………. I’m convinced

Three sides

  • Internship and project related

  • Why go

  • What’s the difference between go and C + +?

  • Think about your future job?

  • Know about insurance? Do not understand…..

  • How does mongodb backup?

  • How does mongodb solve the problem of write failure?

  • Are you interested in a city?

  • Can you come to practice first? when?

    Talk about some understanding of the internship company and micro insurance business

HR face

General HR issues

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