[issue 24] golang has one year of experience in developing futu


Their family comes according to the topic. They ask slowly from a small topic, from shallow to deep, until you change the question.

  • The first question gives a website. Explain what happens after the browser fills in the website?
  • Why does TCP shake hands three times and wave four times?
  • What is 502?
  • What if 502 appears?
  • How to check?
  • Why is this problem? OK, if you are a developer and this is your service, how do you know there is something wrong with your service? If the situation is extreme, you suddenly have problems with all services, but you restart in an instant. If you don’t read the log, how do you know your service is dead?
  • The second question gives two table structures and writes SQL.
  • How to optimize?
  • What is the index?
  • How to add index?
  • If the situation is extreme and the amount of data in a single table is 500W, write an SQL and check the top 10 user information in the table. How to optimize and index?
  • What is the primary key index? Why add a primary key index?
  • What are the transaction levels?
  • What is the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM’s primary key index?
  • What is the difference between B tree and B + tree? If the amount of data is a little larger, it can reach the level of tens of millions. It is estimated that adding an index will take 20 minutes. How do you deal with it and make it added quickly? If so, how to divide the table?
  • How does the master-slave library work and what is the principle?
  • The third algorithm problem, write an algorithm to achieve an example. When is this * * * used? This algorithm is not actually the algorithm problem of leetcode. What I drew is a variant of the signature algorithm, which needs to be implemented temporarily. It is mainly to traverse recursion + MD5, and then explain the application scenario. This side of futu is the longest. It was stunned for 1 hour, and it was very thin. In the end, the mentality was really a little unbearable.

I haven’t experienced the interview form of chatting questions while writing code before. I made a lot of mistakes. I knew I was cold almost after the interview.

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