[issue 22] Shen cloud platform: one side & two sides


one side

Unexpectedly, I didn’t introduce myself, so I started to ask about the project directly

  • Introduce the project

  • Go Foundation

    • What data structures does go have
    • What is the zero value of go’s data structure
    • How does the slice expand
    • The difference between new and make in go
    • What structures can make initialize
    • Have you learned about channel
    • Do you understand the internal data structure of channel
    • The difference between buffered and unbuffered
    • What happens if you write or read to a closed channel
    • Did panic and error know
    • How does panic handle it
    • What happens when the pipe is closed twice in a row
    • Do you know the memory management of go
    • Briefly describe the principle and process of GC
    • Briefly describe the GMP model and scheduling process
  • data structure

    • Briefly describe the sorting algorithm
    • Tell me about the process and complexity of your most familiar sorting algorithm
  • Docker

    • Briefly describe docker
    • What do you usually do with docker
    • You know k8s
  • MySQL

    • Isolation level
    • Briefly describe the transaction
    • The difference between where and having
  • Rhetorical question

    • I want to know more about the company and cloud platform department


It takes about 30 minutes. The interviewer is a little brother and his voice sounds very young. When I encounter something wrong, I will also be prompted. For example, in the closed channel, if I say it backwards, I will also be prompted to say it backwards. Unexpectedly, there is no requirement for handwritten code, but oral brief description of code and complexity, which is a little unexpected

Generally speaking, the cloud platform Department of Shein attaches great importance to the language foundation and asked a lot of questions. Compared with the database I have prepared for a long time, there are few questions, and I answered very poorly (I even forgot all the last one).

Two sides

The second side was unexpected. It seems that there is a lack of people. They are basically chatting. It’s very easy. First of all, how did you get the undergraduate examination, and then asked where did you get the postgraduate examination. Then ask what you think the three most important courses are and why.

Then ask whether to play games. If there is a 180g game but the computer has only 4G memory, how do you load the game and what problems will happen to the operating system. Ask what page replacement is and what algorithms are there. Talk about how LRU is implemented. Finally, ask the idea of fast scheduling

At the end, ask whether you like reading, what type of books you read, and finally ask the question

The interviewer is very nice. Finally, he said that if you want to go to graduate school and practice, you can come to him. Wechat is also added. The whole process takes only 15 minutes

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