[issue 21] Zhihu society recruits golang engineers


one side

    1. Distributed system consistency
    1. Raft algorithm details
    1. Lock problem, CAS, lock practice?
    1. Mutex introduction of go standard library
    1. Bitask stores the details of the model. Since it is an additional write, how to do the old data GC? How to restore the index after restart?
    1. How does LSM tree compare to B + tree?
    1. What is the general process of query in tidb?
    1. What about map concurrency in the project? Why not use sync with segmented lock map? How many pieces are removed from the section lock?
    1. Do you know anything about it?
    1. Briefly introduce the memory allocation mechanism of go? Why do you want mcache when you have mcentral? Answer: mccentral serves all system threads. Mcache is exclusive to system threads. If mcache lacks span, go to mccentral – > mheap

Two sides

    1. Talked about open source contribution
    1. Redis serial gun, data structure + sentry + synchronization
    1. Talk about work items
    1. InnoDB serial gun index redo undo mvcc
    1. Chat about technical life and ask about the work in the group


    1. Talk about life and development

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