[issue 16] one year experience of golang in developing Purdue Technology


Originally, I wanted to try water at the beginning, but I didn’t think much about the eight strands and algorithm. I just got on it. I didn’t expect it to be quite smooth.

However, the answers in some places may not be good enough. It would be better if you were prepared to answer more questions such as octets and algorithms.

Because the interview has been a while, I am not impressed with some places, so I may miss some questions.

one side:

  • How to deal with a microservice in the design pattern of the project?
  • Talk about RPC and HTTP?
  • Talk about the process of golang GC. How does golang handle concurrency?
  • How do you handle concurrency?
  • How do I handle MySQL split tables?
  • Did docker and k8s know about it? Others forgot

Two sides:

  • self-introduction
  • Chat project
  • How to implement RPC
  • How to build a web framework
  • How redis is applied
  • What types of MySQL usually use
  • What is the difference between varchar and char in MySQL?
  • What happens if I give you a 7-byte string and insert char (6) and varchar (6)?
  • Design a scene of waiting in a restaurant. The main test table structure design and system design.
  • Did docker and k8s know about it?


All the questions are fairly regular. Just answer them well.

The interview questions of several rounds of Purdue are all practical, and there is nothing too stereotyped.

Some places may be nervous, and the answer is not very correct, but my brother will guide me, and I won’t buckle the words if the meaning is correct.

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