Issue 16 hot update of webpack from zero & full record of Google technical interview


Full record of Google technical interview

After passing the Google technology, I quit the application process. I know what you think, “are you crazy?! who will quit the Google interview?”
This blog post will discuss my experience in Google interview and my skills in passing the technical process (applicable to the technical side of any company).

13 tips on front-end security

Whether you are a react.js, angular, vue.js programmer or a front-end page boy, your code can become the door to lure hackers.
As front-end developers, we are most concerned about performance, SEO and UI / UX – security is often ignored.

Get started from another angle k8s

In the second half of last year, I made a job transfer and began to contact kubernetes. Although my understanding of k8s is not comprehensive, I really want to share some of my gains. I hope this article can help you have an introduction to k8s. There is something wrong in the article. Please help me correct it.

Vue SSR instant compilation technology

When we render Vue applications on the server side, no matter how many times the server performs rendering, most of the strings rendered by vnode remain unchanged. Some of them come from the static HTML of the template, while others come from the nodes dynamically rendered by the template (although the dynamic nodes may change on the client side, they remain unchanged on the server side). Extracting these two types of nodes and rendering only the truly dynamic nodes (nodes associated with server prefetch prefetch data) on the server can significantly improve the rendering performance of the server.

Why is nginx so fast that it can’t stop at all?

Nginx is a free, open source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as IMAP / POP3 proxy server.
Nginx is famous for its high performance, stability, rich functions, simple configuration and low resource consumption. This paper analyzes why nginx is so fast from the underlying principle!

Implementing webpack hot update from zero

By analyzing the source code of webpack dev server, this paper realizes a webpack hot update HMR from scratch, deeply understands the implementation mechanism of webpack dev server, webpack dev middleware and webpack hot middleware, and thoroughly understands their principles. This knowledge point can be answered very well in the interview process, and can be handy in the process of scaffolding. Know what it is and why it is, and go to a higher level.

Front end collector (micro signal: fedaily)

Collect excellent front-end technical information of the whole network, share with you and grow together.

Issue 16 hot update of webpack from zero & full record of Google technical interview