[issue 15] Tencent PCG background development practice I, II and III (OC)


I was a junior in my junior year. After the winter vacation, I heard that the major factories began to recruit interns one after another, so I decided to have a try and voted for TX and BD.

one side

  • self-introduction

  • Talk about TCP and HTTP.

  • TCP and UDP features, TCP three handshakes and four waves

  • Http2.0 understand? Gap with HTTP1.1?

  • Tell me about the crawler project in self introduction.

  • Reverse crawl understand? How to implement several anti climbing technologies in the project?

  • Tell me about the background items in the self introduction.

  • The server deployed in this project is a stand-alone server. What should I do if it is a server with large traffic and high concurrent requests? (I didn’t answer this very well. I only talked about ideas, but didn’t give any professional terms)

  • Data structure: common sorting algorithm, principle and implementation of fast sorting and heap sorting.

  • Algorithm:

    TOPK, time complexity

    (sweat, direct second kill)

    How to deal with the 100 million level data? Talk about ideas.

  • Rhetorical question: main business? Internship requirements?

On the one hand, the overall feeling was ok, and I had a very happy chat with the interviewer

Two side leader

  • self-introduction
  • Processes and threads?
  • Process communication? Thread safe?
  • Crawler items in self introduction. (I just wanted to follow one side of the story, but the interviewer told me that the interviewer on the other side told him that I had a good grasp of it. There is no need to talk about it in detail. How many questions should he ask to expand? My heart: “!?”
  • Why does the project database use MySQL? InnoDB features? Do you understand? Data partition? How to speed up reading and writing efficiency?
  • Does redis understand? (answer: “yes, but I haven’t used it”, so the interviewer told me for a long time)
  • Background items in self introduction? (it is also an expansion, but the problem is not as deep as before)
  • How to transfer files in the project? How to solve sticking package? Do you understand the continuous transmission of breakpoints?
  • Where are you from? Why do you want to find an internship at this time? (why do you ask now? The interview is over
  • Scenario question: design a college entrance examination score query system. Requirements: business processes, service architecture, information security, disaster recovery measures, etc. from the front end to the back end should be involved. (Ps. because computer courses were all elective courses at school, no one would choose all directions. What I didn’t understand was to indulge in flirting there according to my superficial understanding. During this period, the interviewer also asked a lot of questions, some answered, but most of them didn’t know what they were talking about, Khan -\u-\
  • Rhetorical question: what are my shortcomings? What are the ways to improve? A: “we need to learn more about distribution. Now large and medium-sized enterprises are basically involved in the back-end. For example… (talked about a lot about their business)”
  • The project and scenario questions were chatted for a long time, and then the interview was held on Saturday. It is estimated that the time is approaching, and the interviewer doesn’t want to delay, so he didn’t write no algorithm questions.

I was very nervous after meeting each other, because I realized that I was not the same as the technical stack of this position, and I also realized that I was still very good and had a lot to learn. A lot of questions the interviewer asked me were forced to give me lectures

Three sided director

I got up on Monday morning and received emails from three sides. I usually lay flat in the morning. When I saw the news, I was shocked to sit up in the dying illness. Get up quickly and make up for the problems related to distribution that the interviewers have encountered.

  • self-introduction
  • Tell me about the difficulties and solutions encountered in the background project?
  • Tell me what the client and server have done in the whole process of crawling?
  • The database is divided into tables and partitions? Read write separation?
  • How to deal with hot and cold data? Now that you mentioned redis and MYSQL, how do you ensure data consistency?
  • Career planning?
  • When can I come?
  • Rhetorical question: what does this position specifically do? What can you learn? (the official website is very general)

The three meetings were very short. I don’t know if the director was too busy. He basically didn’t ask about the contents of the day. Is that lucky?

10 minutes after the three sides, the official website process enters the HR side. I hope everything goes well..

HR side

  • self-introduction
  • Difficulties encountered in the project? resolvent? Follow up plan?
  • Learning.
  • Recent setbacks in school life? How did you overcome it?
  • Future plans. Graduate school? obtain employment?
  • health.

Add: the final stage is still a long wait. The time from the end of the three sides to the HR side to the offer is several times that of the first three sides…

I wish everyone can get the ideal offer~

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