ISRG not supported? Update root certificate list in Windows 10 / 8.1/7


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I thought a relatively new system like windows 10 would support ISRG root certificates. Unexpectedly

My system version

I checked several modern CAS, but none of them supports…

Open the certificate manager and find that there are only 43 root certificates??? Are you kidding… How long hasn’t it been updated.

Ask others that they know that there is automatic update normally, but may be better, so the update failed.

So is there no solution( I feel uncomfortable when I see too long certificate chain)

The answer is yes!

You can open the power shell (administrator) and enter

certutil.exe -generateSSTFromWU roots.sst

You get a file containing the latest Ca, as many as 434.

Next, run

$sststore = (get childitem – path C: \ [path to the file generated in the previous step] \ roots. SST) $sststore | import certificate – certstorelocation cert: \ localmachine \ root

PS will list the CA information of the installed root certificate. My looks like this

Here, under normal circumstances, the installation is generally successful. As shown in the figure, it is also a favorite three-level chain

There are no screenshots for the other two with cache
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