Is win10 1909 worth upgrading


Win10 v1909, code 19h2, is expected to be released on November 13. There has been a lot of speculation about this version. Because its naming rules are very similar to the previous 19h1, many netizens think that many new functions may be added in this version, but the actual situation is not so. 1909 is not a substantive function update, and does not contain too many new functions in it, but some minor repairs and supplements based on the previous 1903. That is to say, win10 1909 is a bug repair based version, while the previous win10 updates mostly focus on adding functions. Win10 1909 is probably the most stable win10 update in recent years. Recently we got the preview image of win10 v1909. What are the changes? Let’s take a look!

Is win10 1909 worth upgrading?

Windows 10 v1909 (19h2) Preview

1. Create a new schedule directly on the taskbar panel

If you like to use win10 calendar, you should be interested in the following changes. The new version of the calendar adds a small function that allows users to create schedules directly in the taskbar calendar panel. The creation process is also very simple. After opening the panel, you will see a reminder add box. After entering the text, the time below will be filled automatically. If there is no other place to modify, just click the “save” button to complete the establishment of a new schedule. At the same time, the established schedule will be automatically synchronized to the cloud, and all devices using the same Microsoft account can directly access it.

The new version can be created directly in the taskbar

2. Faster closure notification

A close button has been added to the new notice banner to close the current notice more quickly. For example, when you are in a meeting, a banner appears in the lower right corner, which is quite scenic. To close it, the old version needs to enter the setting panel or the notice panel, which is rather cumbersome. The new version just needs to click the “gear” icon in the upper right corner of the banner. In addition, 1909 also made some improvements to the setting panel, no longer using name sorting by default (alphabetical order), but according to the frequency of application, making it more convenient for users to search.

Quick close button added to new notice panel

The notification list in the settings panel is sorted by recent usage by default

3. More intuitive notification settings panel

In addition to quickly shutting down notifications, 1909 also optimizes the previous notification settings panel. As can be seen from the comparison figure below, the new version adds a notice style schematic diagram based on the text description, and also optimizes the copy of the lock screen display notice. Although there is no change in function, it is more intuitive than before.

Comparison between two versions of notice setting panel (left: old version right: new version)

4. Explorer search

1909 Explorer added the function of real-time display of search bar. After inputting keywords, search results will be displayed automatically. Compared with the old 1903, the new features can help users find the required content more quickly. At the same time, onedrive is integrated in this location. If users have files in onedrive, they can also find them directly here.

Real time search bar for new version of win10

5. Performance optimization and power saving

In addition to stability, a performance update was added to 1909. The new version uses a new load rotation mechanism, which can distribute the workload more evenly to the kernel with the best processor performance. Generally speaking, the CPU utilization of 1909 will be more reasonable than that of 1903, so as to obtain better operation performance than that of 1903. In addition, in laptops and two in one computers, the battery life of the new version has also been improved. Compared with the previous functional changes, these two points actually attract the vast majority of users.

Performance optimization for Intel processors

6. Lock screen is no longer a special show for Xiaona

Win10 v1909 updates some of the open interfaces to allow other voice assistants to use the lock screen. In other words, in the future, win10 will provide users with more autonomy. You can choose your favorite voice assistant instead of Xiaona. But this is more for the bonus of voice assistant manufacturers. For the general public, just wait!

Lock screen is no longer Xiaona’s patent. Voice assistant from other manufacturers can also join in

7. Optimization for onedrive

In addition, the new version also optimizes onedrive users. For example, you can see the time threshold of automatically cleaning up the local cache under the storage awareness, or call the camera or album through the resource manager of the uwp application. Combined with the previous new search bar, onedrive’s user experience is more complete.

Storage awareness join onedrive local cache automatic cleaning

Under uwp, you can use explorer to directly retrieve camera and album content

8. Start menu real-time expansion

1909 added an auto expand function in the start menu. When the mouse hovered over an icon of the start menu, the menu content will be displayed automatically. This step is also for the convenience of those new win10 users. By adding text prompts, new users can be more familiar with each icon in the menu.

The new start menu has the mouse sense function, which can be expanded automatically

Written in the end

Generally speaking, the new functions of win10 19h2 have not changed much. Part of the content is directly transplanted from the previous 20h1, with the emphasis on improving the system stability and polishing some details. Especially the performance optimization for Intel processor is more attractive. However, due to the short trial time, it is not known whether there are some hidden problems in the new version.