Is the development of upper application game really not as promising as that of lower application game?


First of all, it is difficult to define what is the bottom development. Some people say that the bottom codec of audio and video is the bottom, but we don’t think so. There are audio and video modules in ROM, driver and physical hardware. So let’s divide it in this way, and take whether there is a lot of business logic as the boundary. Business logic is generally closely connected with product form. Take audio and video as an example, the upper layer playback application will access the data, UI and other product requirements. The lower layer plays the core, mainly takes the player as the center, to the audio and video data injection, decoding, rendering.

Let’s look at the application layer and the bottom layer from several aspects

1. Game market demand

There are many job opportunities in the application layer, such as 10 jobs and 9 jobs related to the application layer. After all, enterprises or companies are all commercialized, all around product development. The bottom layer is the supporting application layer. Many companies don’t need bottom-up development either. Because we can use a third-party solution. It can save manpower and material resources to a certain extent. So a lot of bottom development is in a company with a certain scale. From this point of view, there are some pits in the bottom.

2. Game development difficulty

Generally, the underlying development is implemented by C / C + +, and many of the application layer development is implemented by Java / PHP and other high-level languages. It can not be ruled out that some industrial software is developed by C + +. From the beginning, the cycle of skilled C / C + + is longer than skilled java development. But it’s not that Java is bad. Java can write so many great applications, which C / C + + can’t match. However, some special things, such as Android platform, will be developed in native. On the one hand, it is efficiency improvement, on the other hand, it is safety.

3. Game development direction

The lower level is narrow and precise. The longer the working years, the higher the ability of individual experts. The application layer takes a wide and multi route. The longer the working years, the better the software quality

The stronger the architecture design, of course, it can exercise the ability of experts. With more changes in the application layer, there will be more opportunities to participate in the change and less changes in the bottom layer. It is not easy to have such opportunities. It all depends on personal interests. It’s like this Spent nearly 3 years to explore, and then according to their own interests to do.

4. Salary and treatment

Here we only discuss expert engineers, not those who follow the management line. The bottom layer pay is more than the application layer, with the increase of years, showing a trend.

Finally, don’t think that the bottom layer has a future, just as the application layer has a future. Some people say that the bottom layer looks very powerful. These are not the key points. The important thing is to put in and keep improving. Things on the top are more interesting and have more room for development. It is not only to face the flexible needs and various functions, but also to organize these things into a product is a great test of ability. Just talking about technology, how to build architecture? When there are many choices to do a thing, how to choose? How to ensure the stability? How to maintain scalability? How not to waste energy in unnecessary places? How to improve development efficiency? At the bottom, some of the details in front of us are very troublesome. It’s hard to solve them, and there’s no way to consider whether we can do it better and more reliably. It’s easy to see only the trees but not the forest when you are always at the bottom. As for the income, it is likely that the low-level development is easier to accumulate because of the slow technology update, and the salary is easy to rise when only doing technology. And to do the upper level, the game technology updates quickly, the new influx of people, have to continue to work hard to open up their horizons. People who finish the work at the bottom prefer to do the work at the top. Since they can appreciate the beauty of the forest, of course, the forest is more suitable for you.