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The execution of the program and the encryption and decryption process are unique. No matter the internal developers or external hackers attack, even if they get the data and private key and the root authority of the server, they can’t decrypt and restore the data.

Swoole divides encryption and decryption into three parts (program + algorithm + private key), none of which can be decrypted.The data can only be decrypted by compiling the generated PHP program with the corresponding swote compiler.

Asymmetric encryption is used in the data encryption of swote compiler, which needs to generate public key and private key. The swote compiler provides two functions to implement encryption and decryption. These two functions must be used in encrypted programs, but not in unencrypted PHP programs.


 Generating public and private keys



After successful execution, public will be generated in the current directory_ Key and private_ Key two files.

public_ Key public key for encryption

private_ Key private key for decryption

data encryption


 data decryption



Applicable scenarios

Swoole compiler data encryption is very suitable for data security sensitive background programs, such as storing user’s bank card, ID card number and other user privacy information. The data is encrypted with the swote compiler and stored in the database.

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