Is software testing equal to dots? 3 minutes to take you through software testing

Is software testing equal to dots? 3 minutes to take you through software testing

Software testing is really as simple as clicking by hand

Is there such a scene around you?

A has written the code for several years and can’t write any more. I heard that the test is very good. Let’s do the test for a few years first.

B clerk: one. I want to get into it. I heard that the test is easy to get started. How can I get into it.

C worked in the factory before. He was too tired and his salary was low. He wanted to enter it. Listening to friends, the test is simple. If you want to enter the industry, how can you enter it?

D. I worked in finance before. I want to enter it and do some technology. I heard that the test is easy to get started. How can I enter?

E graduated from high school. I don’t want to study. I want to enter it. I heard that the test is simple. How can I enter it?

Is software testing equal to dots? 3 minutes to take you through software testing

Novice test

However, is this really the case? With the progress of society and the continuous development of IT industry, after these ten years, I found that the testing industry is not what you imagined.

To become a qualified software testing practitioner, you need to have strong comprehensive ability, not only understand some code, but also have the ability of project management, environment deployment, problem follow-up, communication and coordination, system architecture and so on.

Current situation of testing industry

Although a large number of testers pour in every year, with the surge of business volume and the rise of entrepreneurship, the demand for testing talents is still greater than the supply, and software testing practitioners have become an important position.

Status of testers

If it is only a simple test execution (pure function execution) without other comprehensive skills, it is difficult to find a satisfactory job because it is unable to independently guarantee the quality of a single product line.

After these ten years, I have also seen a lot of various recruitment information. I summarized the popular software testing posts, hoping to help some new or confused friends.

Popular software testing positions

Functional test engineer, performance test engineer, security test engineer, etc. according to different businesses, such as web test, H5 test, APP test, sdk test, interface test, etc;

Integration test engineer, white box test engineer, QA configuration, data review, etc;

Automation test engineer, test development engineer, test tool development, etc

So what skills do software testing jobs with a monthly income of more than 20000 need?

It’s easy to be an ordinary tester, but who wants to stop all the time. Now the software testing industry is also making progress step by step, and the talents in natural demand are also raising the threshold a little bit. What skills does an excellent testing practitioner need? In my experience, it is divided into hard skills + soft skills.

Hard skills

1. Fundamentals of software testing:

Test plan preparation, test case design, test report preparation, bug report preparation and bug repair tracking also need good communication skills, as well as the test methods used in various test stages, such as unit test, function test, integration test, system test, CMMI / ISO9001. You don’t need to know all, but at least understand some.

2. Use of various test tools:

In order to improve our work efficiency, we will use many tools in the process of testing, such as QTP, LR, QC, TD, BugFree, VSS, SVN and so on. Although tools are not omnipotent, tools can improve our work efficiency, so we can’t treat tools as gods, but we must be proficient in using them.

3. Operating system related knowledge:

Windows, Linux and UINX must be able to use, and not only simple operations, but also general service management, registry editing and command-line operations. It is conceivable that the next person who can’t even install and configure Apache services can imagine that you can do well in testing based on Apache environment. what? You don’t know how to view disk pressure and IO data. In fact, windows and Linux provide their own tools to view these data. If you understand the operating system, these simple problems can be solved quickly.

4. Database knowledge:

At present, the DBA treatment of Oracle is higher than that of ordinary developers, which shows the importance of database in the enterprise. Although a tester does not need the ability of DBA, you must be able to operate the basic database. At least one or two of them should be familiar with Oracle, DB2, MSSQL or mysql.

5. Knowledge of computer hardware:

Friends who have done performance testing know that hardware performance is also a very important indicator in the performance testing process, such as CPU, memory, IO, bandwidth, etc. If you do hardware testing, not to mention switches, routers and firewalls.

6. Network protocol:

If you don’t know the difference between TCP and UDP, please supplement your knowledge quickly! In the Internet age, everything is transmitted through the network, and common protocols must be understood. I once interviewed a test engineer and tested for 2 years. I didn’t know what Protocol I used to test the software. If such a person is you, do you dare to recruit?

7. Development language is code writing ability:

Although you can test without writing code, if you want to be a senior test engineer or above, code writing ability is a must. If you can’t write code, you can’t become an advanced test. Part of the job of a senior test engineer is to write test tools.

Although these hard skills listed above seem more complex, many things will be used in daily work. If you use them several times, you will naturally be able to use them if you practice more. However, for a qualified software testing practitioner, only some hard skills are not enough. You also need to have some soft skills, as follows.

Soft skills

Quality awareness (in many cases, the team does not lack technology, but only quality awareness);

Good working habits (write down what you don’t understand in a notebook every day until you understand it, and grow up a few years later);

Be good at actively looking for answers (most content can be retrieved by search engines);

Do simple things over and over again;

Repeat things, micro innovation (improve efficiency);

Have a beginning and an end (for the last link of quality, we must ensure that all problems have a beginning and an end and go through a complete life cycle);

Know how to ask questions

Of course, the most important of all these skills is:

Please don’t forget to learn all the time

I believe everyone can understand this, so there is no need to write anything: even if you are a tester with five or ten years of working experience, you will fall behind if you don’t study!!

Is software testing equal to dots? 3 minutes to take you through software testing

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