Is MacOS 10.15 Catalina worth upgrading? What are the highlights of MacOS 10.15 Catalina


Is MacOS 10.15 Catalina worth upgrading? What are the highlights?Apple launched the official version update of Mac OS Catalina in the early morning of 8R, with the version number of Mac OS 10.15, which is also the 16th major system version of Mac OS; MAC OS Catalina was first released in WWDC 2019 on June 3, 2019, and Catalina is also the first MAC OS version that can only support 64 bits, this relatively big change is in iTunes It has been removed, and many new functions have been added and improved. If you are still considering that the value is not worth upgrading, you can refer to this Mac OS Catalina highlights feature sorting and upgrading first.

Origin of naming

The naming of MacOS Catalina is still inspired by the landscape of California, named after the island of Santa Catalina (commonly known as Catalina) and the coastal Channel Islands of Southern California.

Highlight 1. ITunes retired from Mac OS Catalina

For Apple users, after MacOS Catalina was updated, iTunes was officially retired. Since Apple launched iTunes in 2001, it has become the hub used to manage IOS devices, music and rental movies. After 18 years, various services have become more and more diversified, resulting in the management of many services by iTunes has become more complex.

Starting with Mac OS Catalina, Apple has split iTunes into three independent new apps, music, podcast and TV, and the original book app.

Apple? Made a comprehensive modification for music, podcast and TV applications. However, in terms of interface operation, it is not much different from the original iTunes operation mode, but it is separated separately. The left side is also the category menu, and the right side is the function menu button.

For users who like watching movies, after TV is independent, the whole menu picture is slightly different, a bit like a mixed menu of Apple TV and Netflix, which is also expected to pave the way for the upcoming Apple TV +. If you want to watch movies or albums through Mac, just turn on the TV app to watch and enjoy offline, and also support 4K And Dolby panoramic sound.

It is predicted that Apple will launch web and windows versions for Apple TV +.

As for the original iTunes management IOS device function, it was also transplanted to the finder. The operation interface and iTunes are not too different. This operation logic is smoother than in the past to open iTunes. It is the same as using IOS device as an external device. As long as the device is connected, it can be managed by the finder, eliminating the need to open iTunes steps and time.

Highlight 2. The dashboard disappears from MacOS Catalina

In addition to the move of iTunes, there is another very old function of MAC – “dashboard”. Dashboard is convenient for users to view weather, stock, movie information, exchange rate conversion and other information at any time. However, with the change of Mac OS, until the introduction of Mac OS Mojave control center (mission) Control), which is very similar to dashboard. Apple officially cancelled the dashboard function on Mac OS Catalina.

Highlight 3. The iPad can be used as the second extended screen of MAC and become a drawing version

The most attractive feature of Mac OS 10.15 Catalina is “sidecar extended desktop”. This feature can make iPad become the second screen of MAC, as a wireless extended screen function, and also support Apple pencil, which can make iPad become a professional drawing version.

As for the supporting software, official data show that famous large-scale drawing, photography and 3D software can support, such as illustrator, Cinema4D, Maya, ZBrush and affinity photo, etc.

However, this extended screen feature model will limit Mac and iPad models. For details, please refer to the “support list query”. It is recommended to confirm the upgrade before upgrading to avoid that it cannot be used after upgrading.

Sidecar also supports the quick sketch function of mark connection and graffiti connection, which means that you can use Apple pencil to write PDF Text or graffiti on the iPad screen, or add a mark in the file, which can be synchronized on the MAC screen in real time.

Highlight 4. Mac can also see “screen usage time” information

Apple received a warm response after adding the “screen usage time” function to IOS, which was also ported to Mac OS!

MacOS Catalina imports the “screen usage time” function, which enables you to understand the time when you use the Mac, monitor, plan and schedule the downtime, and even set app and communication restrictions for children through the “family sharing” function, so that they can focus more on what they should do now.

Highlight 5. Import new “find” device function

Both Mac OS Catalina and IOS 13 have launched a new “find” app, which combines “find my iPhone” and “find my friends” into an easy-to-use app that can be used on MAC, iPad and iPhone at the same time.

In addition, it also carries a very unique function. Even if the lost Apple device is not connected to the Internet offline or sleeping mode, the “find” app will also send Bluetooth signals through the nearby apple device for positioning, which is quite practical for users who are prone to lose the device.

Highlight 6. Enhance security and privacy

Mac OS Catalina has a lot of security features to enhance Mac OS from being tampered with, or to ensure the security of using app. Only you can decide “file” and “desktop” folder, “icloud cloud disk” and external disk area to directly access files.

In addition, it also improves the protection of Apple T2 security chip, brings more security protection, and improves the security of touch ID and apple pay. It also provides the “enable locking” function, so that only you can clear and re enable your Mac.

Highlight 7. Strengthen multiple built-in app functions

In addition to adding new functions, the original built-in photos, memos, reminders, Safari, etc. will be enhanced in an all-round way, and it will be easier to use! Detailed function improvements can be found in the following items

1. Photos: add new dynamic design to show your photos and memories;

2. Memo: a new gallery display mode and more powerful search function help you find the memo more quickly;

3. Reminders: get rid of the simple reminders in the past. This time, it has been completely rebuilt from beginning to end. A new way allows you to easily establish, sort out and track reminders;

4. Safari: after the initial page is updated, you can quickly go to favorite items and frequently visited websites. Siri suggestions now displays browsing records and recently visited websites

Highlight 8. App store joins Apple Arcade

After Apple arcade was first enabled on IOS 13 and iPad OS 13, apple arcade (free trial for one month) can also be opened in the apple store on Mac to play new and unique games on Mac. You can even start playing on a Mac and continue playing on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Confirm whether the device can support Mac OS Catalina

After reading the above introduction, next, the most important thing is to confirm whether the MAC device can be upgraded. The Mac OS Catalina models are as follows:

MacBook: early 2015 or later

MacBook Air: mid-2012 or later

MacBook Pro: mid-2012 or later

Mac Mini: late 2012 or later

IMac: end of 2012 or later

IMac Pro: all models

Mac Pro: late 2013 or later

If you don’t know your Mac model and year? You can click the apple logo in the upper left corner and select “about this Mac” to see it.

Upgrade Mac OS Catalina

Before upgrading, it is recommended to run a backup of Mac OS through time machine to prevent errors in the upgrade process.

If OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later is implemented in the current MAC room, you can directly upgrade to Mac OS Catalina through “System Preferences” > software update; if there is no broadband network, you can upgrade your Mac from Apple stores, companies or friends’ homes.

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