Is it necessary to assign alt attribute to img picture label


Do you assign the alt attribute to the IMG picture tag

It is easy to ignore the alt attribute of image img tags. However, its importance can not be reflected. It is conducive to the accessibility of web pages   and   validation   reasons。 We didn’t pay attention to it before. Now it’s time to add these ALT attributes.
1. Get or set the replacement title displayed by the browser when the image is not available or is currently being downloaded and has not been completed  
2. It can help visually impaired users and users using screen readers browse web pages normally.

When our code encounters problems, we can:

  1、 We need to burn the midnight oil
When we encounter problems, it is not terrible. The most important thing is to have the determination to solve them. We’ll be impressed. That’s how a master is refined.

  2、 View source code
Is there a better way to learn HTML than to copy heroes? At first, we all copied and imitated other people’s good websites! Then slowly, you begin to develop your own style / method.

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