Is it easy to learn web front-end development?


In the past two years, the web front end has been very popular, not only because of the large demand in the recruitment market, but also because of the low entry threshold and simple entry. Is that true? 0 basic Xiaobai can also change careers? Many students have such doubts that it is not so simple. The following small series summarizes some things about getting started with the web front end, hoping to help you.

1、 Is the entry threshold of Web front-end low?

We should look at this issue dialectically. Compared with other posts in IT technology, the threshold of Web front-end is definitely low, and of course, the corresponding starting point is also low. If Xiaobai enters the industry or changes to it technology, it is recommended to choose the web front end.

Its low threshold is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1. The low entry threshold of the web front end is reflected in HTML and CSS. The former is only a structure tag, while the latter is a style configuration. The entry is very simple. I will share some ready-made relevant video learning materials and electronic books, such as headfirst HTML and CSS, CSS authority guide, etc. Although it is very boring, as long as you can chew it down, you will find that it is really useful.

2. Another important manifestation of the low entry threshold of the web front end is that it complies with the 82 law, that is, 20% of the things account for 80%. So it’s suitable for swallowing, so our focus is to learn the 20%, and the first thing to do is to find the 20%. About 20% of the front-end items are commonly used HTML tags, CSS box model, basic native JS, proficient use of jQuery, Ajax and compatibility with common browsers.

Taking these things is of great significance. On the one hand, it proves that you are suitable for the front-end job. On the other hand, these skills can help you find a job. So that you can study the remaining 80% calmly. In short, it is to concentrate on dealing with the most important things, such as less, sass and angular. When you have laid the foundation I said before, you can learn smoothly and use it as you learn. Finally, the most difficult thing is practice. Only practice can learn real technology. It is difficult for newcomers to participate in some valuable and meaningful projects, and it is difficult to grow without these projects, so they have projects to participate in and should be cherished.

2、 How do I get started with the web front end?

Some students have given good suggestions. Now Xiaobian recommends to you:

Learning the front end is like building a house. HTML serves as the structure of the house and the foundation of the house.

CSS is like the decoration of our house, what color, style and floor of the wall… These change the style of the house.

Cssjava is like the function of this house. The house needs refrigeration, heating and water supply. These functional examples are equivalent to Java. The examples may not be very appropriate, but only help you have a preliminary understanding of the web.

Method steps, tools and development cases:

1. Front end toolbox(

Dreamwear / sublime / Photoshop / SVN, etc.)

2. Zero basic introduction (HTML, CSS), common tag collection, common selector & tag type division, floating advanced, positioning, tables and forms, compatibility problem handling, whole station advanced, introduction to CSS3, mobile terminal layout, animation and transform, bootstrap front-end development framework

3. Project practice

Here I also recommend several items suitable for hand training:

HTML5 implements 2048 games

HTML implementation of jigsaw puzzle

HTML implementation of minesweeping game

CSS3 realizes the lottery turntable

Don’t step on a hundred games in the web page

These projects can help you learn programming in the process of the game, which is more interesting. These can be shared with you for free. During the study period, you can try to practice by yourself, which has a great sense of achievement.

4. Enterprise website layout on PC side, e-commerce website layout on PC side and common page layout on mobile side

The above is how to get started with the whole content of the web front-end. Let’s give you a little suggestion. If you feel boring in the learning process, you can find some small partners who are also learning the web to communicate and discuss. Your mood will improve a lot when you study together, urge and cheer each other up and make common progress. I’d like to recommend a communication skirt that I often use. It’s 484 in the front, 757 in the middle and 760 in the back. There are small partners and big guys learning web. Welcome to join us.