Is it better to choose ECS or virtual host to build the site?


In the past, websites were basically built on virtual hosts. Later, due to the shrinking of the website market, most of the foreign host companies were successively closed. Nowadays, whether it’s a personal website or a foreign trade B2C website, you can use ECs, VPS host, etc., so it’s better to choose ECS or virtual host to build a website? Three aspects can be considered:
I. consideration of optional businesses
Nowadays, there are few virtual hosting companies. Even if there were some companies before, most of them have low quality products. And we can see that the cost is almost the same as the cloud server, so why don’t we choose the cloud server? And we can see that most of the virtual hosts are slow in line and speed, which is not particularly suitable for our current project needs. A few days ago, we also saw that some netizens chose alicloud virtual machine, but the cost is still relatively high, and the configuration is too low, the price performance is not high, and there are many restrictions.
II. Thinking about loose configuration software
We operate the ECS station building and configuration environment by ourselves. We operate everything you want to install. If we use a virtual host, the service provider will use whatever it gives us. If it lacks components or requires special software support, the service provider will not install it separately for us, which is limited. For servers with high requirements or special software, we need to use ECs. Moreover, the configuration of the server can be upgraded according to our actual needs, and there must be many resources.
Third, whether it is conducive to marketing
We can see that most virtual hosts share an IP address with others. If we use ECs, we usually have independent IP address, and we have exclusive resources, including bandwidth which is also looser than virtual host. In particular, it is necessary to promote the website, especially to use independent IP address, which is conducive to website ranking, and independent IP address will not reduce the weight due to the impact of other websites.

Therefore, the foreign host server suggests using the ECS as much as possible, and the speed of the website also affects the website, so try to choose the computer room with better speed.

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