Is flutter worth learning? How far can we go in the future?


Is flutter worth learning? How far can we go in the future?

What is flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework, which can quickly build high-quality native user interfaces on IOS and Android. Flutter can work with existing code. Throughout the world, flutter is being used by more and more developers and organizations, and flutter is completely free and open source. To put it simply, fluent is a mobile application SDK, including frameworks, controls and some tools. It can build Android and IOS applications with a set of code at the same time, and its performance can reach the same performance as that of native applications.

Flutter advantages:

1. Open sourceDue to open source, with the crazy support of global developers, flutter has developed rapidly and become more and more perfect in recent years. I believe that windows, MAC, Linux and other platforms can also shine in the future. Truly realize the multi terminal deployment of a set of code.
2. Stable, due to the self drawn UI, the fluent UI avoids various compatibility problems caused by the platform level UI and system upgrade. However, as a cross platform development technology, it is inevitable to maintain the underlying adaptation layer and various plug-ins to realize the communication with the original platform, which is a common problem of all cross platforms.
3. Efficient, it is very efficient for developers to develop applications with fluent. Flutter’s acclaimed hot reload function can update the code to the UI within 1 second, greatly shortening the development operation cycle.

Flutter application

Through the libchecker app, you can open any app installed on your mobile phone (refer to the GSY method), and select which apps contain the fluent:

Have you found that almost all the major manufacturers’ apps are listed:

  1. WeChat
  2. Taobao, tmall, UC, rookie, are you hungry
  3. Du Xiaoman, Baidu tieba
  4. Netease Youdao dictionary

These apps are trying to use flutter on a large scale.

Bonus points for flutter’s job search

At present, flutter is also a bonus item for Android development posts. From the above figure, we can see that many large factories are recruiting talents with high salaries.

How to learn flutter?

This Google open source《Detailed explanation of the complete development of flutter》, I hope it can help you learn flutter in the shortest time. The tutorial is easy to understand with rich examples. It has both basic knowledge and advanced skills. It can help the door reader to quickly enter the advanced level and quickly collect!!!

1、 Dart ⾔ and flutter Basics

⼆、 rapid development practice

1. Base control
2. Data module
3. Other functions

3、 Packing and pit filling

1. Packaging
2. Details
3. Problem handling

4、 Redux, theme, internationalization

2. Subject
3. Internationalization

5、 Deep exploration

3. Memory
4. Thread
5. Hot update

6、 Deep widget principle

7、 Principle of deep layout

1. Single element layout
2. Multi element layout
3. Multi element sliding layout

Practice skills and pit filling

9、 Principle of deep drawing

1. Drawing process
2. Drawing implementation of slider control

⼗ deep drawing ⼊ loading process

1. Figure ⽚ process
2. Local graph ⽚ cache
3. Other supplements

Understanding stream

1. Stream from shallow to deep

Understand the state management design


⼗ III. full depth touch and sliding principle

⼗ IV. mixed development and packaging of Android

1. Front ⾔
2. Packaging
3. Plug in
4. Stack

Flutter ⾯ try the collection of knowledge points

Dart section
Flutter section

Actual combat and Prospect of flutter development – RTC dev Meetup

1. Current situation of mobile development
2. Actual combat of flutter
3. Mixed development

end of document

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