Is FL Studio not as professional as Cubase or logic pro?


For many music lovers, it’s a wonderful and joyful experience to go from appreciating works alone to creating works according to their own mood. Daw (host software) is a very important element in music arrangement, especially in electronic music arrangement.

There are a lot of composing software, and the word “professional” is determined by whether you are in a certain part of the industry.

In terms of industry standard and engineering parameter accuracy, there is not much difference between the mainstream music arrangement software, and the difference between hardware and software is much greater. Without considering efficiency, you can use any kind of software to do what other software can do. Carefully study the history of each software development, you will find that it is developed from a certain idea in a specific field of a certain industry, in which it is the most professional. This phenomenon is not limited to composing software.

In fact, different software has different characteristics, and the selection of different music arrangement software is closely related to everyone’s work style and usage habits. Understanding the characteristics of different software, their suitable music style, their advantages and disadvantages can help you step on the road of music arrangement faster and more smoothly.


Cubase is a music / audio working software developed by Steinberg company in April 1989. It has the functions of MIDI sequence, audio editing and processing, multi track recording and mixing, video score, surround sound processing, etc.

The strength of Cubase lies in that all its parameters need to be controlled by itself. Therefore, Cubase is not friendly to novices and has a high entry threshold.

Is FL Studio not as professional as Cubase or logic pro?

FL Studio

FL Studio y is called FL and fruit loops studio, which is used to be called “fruit” in China.

FL Studio provides a note editor, which can edit the rhythm of different musical instruments according to the composer’s requirements, such as drum, cymbal, Gong, piano, flute, cello, Zheng, dulcimer and so on.

Secondly, it provides a sound effect editor, which can edit all kinds of sound effects required in different music, such as high, low, long, short, continuous, intermittent, vibration, burst and other special sound effects to be displayed in a specific music environment.

The software also provides convenient and fast input of sound source. For the special instrument sound involved in music, it can be easily called in FL Studio after simple external recording. The convenient collection and simple call of sound source create the powerful editing function of FL Studio.

From the above features, it is not difficult to see that FL Studio is very friendly to novices, and it is very convenient to use timbres and materials, and it has a good effect on electronic sound production, especially suitable for beginners of music arrangement and those who have high demand for electronic sound and rely on more materials.

FL Studio software download:

Is FL Studio not as professional as Cubase or logic pro?

Pro Tools

Pro tools is a workstation software system produced by avid company. The advantages of the software are excellent internal algorithm and high efficiency. But its shortcomings are also very significant, the software mainly occupies the high-end market, the price is high, for novices, the initial investment cost is too high, and it is not easy to start, so it is not recommended.

Is FL Studio not as professional as Cubase or logic pro?

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro x is a professional audio production software of apple. You like what you see is what you get, like its own timbre, like its curve and picture support. It is also friendly to novice, but it suck at old hands and mouse parties. Too many combination keys and inconvenient memory are mainly applied to a large number of music producers and pop music writers.

Is FL Studio not as professional as Cubase or logic pro?

The above are the four common Daw software recommended by Xiaobian. Generally speaking, FL Studio is an experience friendly and cost-effective choice for novices. After FL is updated to 20.7, imageline uses Python 3.6 as the scripting language and opens many original C + + and dephi APIs, It allows musicians to use MIDI controller to do some extremely complex live performance control. As you can see, FL Studio is also slowly making up for its shortcomings, moving closer to live and reaper, giving users more rights to customize. In the recently updated 20.8, FL Studio supports switching between Chinese and English for the first time, making it easier for us to master FL Studio software.