Is drwtsn16.exe a virus program? Is the drwtsn16 process a virus


Process file: drwtsn16 or drwtsn16.exe
Process name: w32.lovgate @ mm worm
Process category: process with security risk
English Description:

DRWTSN16.EXE is a process which is registered as the [email protected] Worm. This virus is distributed via the Internet through e-mail and comes in the form of an e-mail message, in the hopes that you open it’s hostile attachment. The worm has it’s own SMT
Chinese reference:
Drwtsn16.exe is a w32.lovgate @ mm worm related program. The virus spreads through email, and is infected when an attachment sent by the virus is opened
Produced by: Na
Of: w32.lovgate @ mm worm
System process: no
Daemons: Yes
Network related: Yes
Common error: n / A
Memory usage: n / A
Safety level (0-5): 4
Spyware: no
Advertising software: no
Virus: Yes
Trojan horse: Yes