iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios


iPhone Shortcuts, Chinese name: shortcut. It was called Workflow before being acquired by Apple.
Through Shortcuts, simple operations can be implemented to complete a series of actions. There are many articles introducing Shortcuts on the Internet. Here are some scenarios I use.
The specific setting method is not introduced here, and the focus is on the usage scenario.
Device: iPhone11.

About the battery scene

There are many opinions on the Internet about how to charge properly to protect the battery. Among them, I personally think that charging at any time is a better way, and there is another saying that keeping the battery between 60% and 80% is better for the battery. Based on this statement, the following two automatic shortcuts are newly created. If the reminder is issued when the battery is lower than 60%, the reminder will be more frequent, which will make people feel anxious, so the reminder will only be issued when the battery power is lower than 30%.

1. When the remaining battery power is lower than 30%, a charging reminder will be issued and the low battery mode will be turned on

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

2. When the remaining battery power is higher than 80%, it will send out a reminder to stop charging.

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

driving scene

When driving, WeChat or corporate WeChat often pops up notifications. Attention is often attracted to them, which is very dangerous. In the past, this setting would run automatically. After the last few system updates, it is currently unable to run automatically. Each time it needs to be manually confirmed before it will take effect.

3. When connected to the Bluetooth of the car, turn on the Do Not Disturb mode (Do Not Disturb)

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

sleeping scene

I use China Unicom mobile phone number, but the phone signal in the bedroom is very poor. When the mobile phone was first bought, it would lose about 30% – 40% of the power if it was on standby overnight. After various tests, it was found that due to the poor signal, the mobile phone has been searching for the signal, resulting in a lot of power loss. However, due to work reasons, it cannot be turned off, so the method of turning on the airplane mode and connecting to Wifi is adopted. In this way, although the phone cannot be connected, I can be found through the Internet.

4. When airplane mode is turned on, set low battery mode

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

5. Turn off low power mode when airplane mode is turned off

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

6. At 1am, turn on airplane mode

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

7. At 7 a.m., turn off airplane mode

iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

Recently, I started using the Toggl Track App, and I want to roughly record the time usage. Because Toggl Track supports Shortcuts, and Shortcuts supports NFC shortcuts. So there are some NFC shortcut usage scenarios.

About NFC

At present, the NFC usage scenarios of the iPhone are still relatively limited. The currently conceivable usage scenarios are the combination of time recording software and calendar software. The most recent time recording software is Toggl Track, which meets the requirements in all aspects.

8. Scan the NFC sticker to enter sleep mode

Sleep Mode: Toggl Track starts a sleep timer and turns on Airplane Mode.
iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios

other scenes

I have purchased a bunch of NFC stickers and are already on the way. Since the setup has not yet started, the following are some scenarios that are conceived.
There will be an NFC sticker posted at the door of the house. Scan it when you get home, and the Calendar will record an event when you get home.
Put an NFC sticker on the company’s desk, scan it when you arrive at the company, and the Calendar will record an Event to the company.
Put a few NFC stickers on the desks at home and in the office, which are reading, work, rest, life, etc. After scanning, Toggl Track starts reading timing, working timing, rest timing, and life timing.
Put an NFC sticker on Kindle, and after scanning, Toggl Track will start reading timing and so on.

important point:

  • If you want the shortcut to run automatically, the Ask Before Running switch must be turned off.
  • To scan NFC shortcuts, the screen needs to be turned on first, otherwise it cannot be triggered.