IPhone doesn’t turn on? A move to help you “revive”


Some students will choose to buy iPhones with small memory because of insufficient funds, which can really save money. However, after a long time, you will find that the memory is far from enough. When sliding the mobile phone, you often receive the prompt to clean up the space. If you turn off your mobile phone at this time, you may never turn it on again.

IPhone doesn't turn on? A move to help you

We often see users post such questions in Apple’s official design. Let fengke team remind you today.

First try to clean up your phone memory and delete some photos, videos, apps or caches. If the space is still insufficient after cleaning all these, you can use tools to deeply clean the iPhone.

If it’s not a memory problem, it may be a software problem. Solutions generally include:

  1. Force iPhone restart

The method of forced power on for iPhones above iphone8 is as follows:

Press volume + and release

Press volume again – release

Press the shutdown button again

The way to force iphone7 and iphone7plus to power on is to long press the volume – and shutdown keys.

The general forced startup method of iPhones before iphone7 is to press and hold the home key and shutdown key at the same time.

  1. Professional tool repair

If the iPhone still fails to power on or is stuck in the apple standard, black / white screen, and cyclic restart, you can use a third-party tool to repair it.

Step 1. Install fonegeek IOS system recovery on your computer and start it. You can see two repair modes. Select ‘standard mode’ and connect the Apple device to the computer.

IPhone doesn't turn on? A move to help you

Note: if the system problem is repaired in standard mode, the data will not be lost.

Step 2. After connecting, the software will prompt you to put the device in DFU or recovery mode and start repair. You just need to follow the instructions on the interface.

Step 3. After the device successfully enters the recovery mode or DFU mode, the software will detect the firmware matching the device. Select the most matching firmware package and click ‘download’.

IPhone doesn't turn on? A move to help you

Step 4. After downloading the firmware package, click “start repair” to verify the firmware, and the program will automatically start repairing Apple devices.

IPhone doesn't turn on? A move to help you