IPhone 13 series four models configuration


Apple officially announced the new generation of IOS, ipados and other operating systems at the wwdc21 developer conference. Next, we will focus on the new generation of iPhone 13 series phones to be released in September.

Recently, a parameter information map of all iPhone 13 models flowed out. It can be seen that, consistent with most previous rumors, iPhone 13 series will still launch four models, and the controversial mini model has not been cut.

IPhone 13 series four models configuration

It shows that the appearance of the iPhone 13 series has ushered in no small change. The whole series is equipped with a smaller banged screen, which is also the first time Apple has brought a positive appearance change in four years, and the screen proportion has been effectively improved.

In terms of screen, the dimensions of these four models are still 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches, but the two Pro models finally usher in the legendary high brush screen, which supports up to 120Hz specification, and will introduce ltpo panel, which can support adaptive refresh rate adjustment of 1-120hz and save more power.

In addition, the iPhone 13 series will also upgrade the whole series to a new generation of self-developed A15 bionic chip. Although it is still built by 5nm process, it will be better in power consumption and heat dissipation, and 5g performance will be effectively improved.

In terms of price, the cheapest model is still the iPhone 13 Mini. The price of the 64GB version is only $700, about 4473 yuan. The price of the top model iPhone 13 Pro Max reaches $1600, about 10224 yuan.