IPFs and filecoin: from entry to mastery


IPFs and filecoin: from introduction to mastery

After contacting with IPFs, I am very interested in this protocol which can change the distribution mechanism of network data in essence. However, there are no books on IPFs in China, and some materials have brought some learning difficulties to many IPFs enthusiasts because of English, not only to speed up the spread of IPFs The domestic group of fans decided to complete the book “IPFs and filecoin from introduction to Mastery” in the form of open source.

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If you have free time and want to do what you can for the book “IPFs and filecoin: from introduction to Mastery”, you can participate in the writing or correction of this book to improve the book and help expand the learning group of IPFs in China, so that everyone can use IPFs and filecoin more quickly.


Unless otherwise stated, the content in this book is authorized by CC by-sa 3.0 License, and the code follows MIT license.

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Part 1: introduction to IPFs

  • Chapter 1: getting to know IPFs
  • Chapter 2: installation and operation environment

    • 2.1 go environment variable
    • 2.2 installing go
    • 2.3 installation of IPFs
    • 2.4 configure IPFs development environment
    • 2.5 common commands of IPFs
  • Chapter 3: IPFs underlying technology

    • 3.1 distributed hash table (DHT)
    • 3.2 Chord protocol
    • 3.3 kademlia protocol
    • 3.4 s / kademlia protocol
    • 3.5 BitTorrent protocol
    • 3.6 distributed version control (GIT)
    • 3.7 self validating file system (SFS)

The second part: in-depth understanding of IPFs core technology

  • Chapter 4: IPFs multiformats
  • Chapter 5: IPFs ipld
  • Chapter 6: IPFs storage layer
  • Chapter 7: IPFs bitswap
  • Chapter 8: IPFs network layer
  • Chapter 9: IPFs cluster

    • 9.1 IPFs cluster and distributed system
    • 9.2 in depth understanding of IPFs cluster
    • 9.3 IPFs cluster installation and configuration

The third part: IPFs actual combat

  • Chapter 10: video website based on IPFs
  • Chapter 11: mobile phone file management app based on IPFs

The fourth part: filecoin

  • Chapter 12: overview of filecoin
  • Chapter 13: consensus and Cryptography
  • Chapter 14: fault tolerant handling
  • Chapter 15: economic incentives
  • Chapter 16: storage market and retrieval Market
  • Chapter 17: how to mine and use filecoin

Reference papers

  • List of papers

    • Modern algebra
    • IPFs / filecoin white paper
    • distributed system

      • Basic principles
      • Consensus algorithm
      • P2P
    • cryptography

      • VDF
      • Zero knowledge proof
      • Proof of data holding and data retrievability
      • POSW


  • A disk performance test
  • B IPFs source structure