IPad replaces MIDI keyboard

  • Download and install rtpmidi(Network MIDI driver)

  • Open rtpmidi and press + in “my session” to display the name of your computer automatically

  • Check that the Bonjour service is running normally and the iPad is connected to the PC network normally
  • Run MIDI keyboard program on iPad side, enter MIDI settings, set as network connection (can be used for MIDI simulation application of iPad)Pianist ProMIDI Studio,Cubasis…)
  • At this time, the name of your iPad will be displayed automatically
  • Press connect under directory to connect. After a while, you can see that the participant on the right side of the interface shows the number of seconds of latency. That is to say, it is connected

  • Run Daw, set VST in Cubase and switch to low latency ASIO driver
  • At this point, play the keyboard on the iPad, and you can hear the sound in Cubase. Note that there should be two sounds, one from the input to the computer and then from the computer’s Cubase, and the other from its own musical instrument application. Just mute the application