Ios14 local network permission pop-up box


Ios14 local network permission pop-up box

Rejected email and screenshot of Apple first

Guideline 5.1.1 – Legal – Privacy – Data Collection and Storage

We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access the local network information, but doesn’t sufficiently explain the use of the local network information in the purpose string.

Specifically, it would be necessary to elaborate why this app need to connect to devices.

To help users make informed decisions about how their data is used, all permission request alerts need to specify how your app will use the requested information.

Next Steps

Please revise the relevant purpose string in your app’s Info.plist file to specify why your app needs access to the user’s local network information.

You can modify your app’s Info.plist file using the property list editor in Xcode.

Ios14 local network permission pop-up box

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Maybe Apple thought I used the local network permission, but it didn’t explain it in detail, but it didn’t use this permission in the project. Start to check the third-party libraries one by one

Find out the third-party SDK using the local network

Execute the command at the terminal (CD to the project root directory first)

grep -r SimplePing .

Because the laser magic chain SDK is used in the project, the relevant code is removed from the new version SDK, and the corresponding permissions are no longer required. Just update the SDK with pod update.

Ios14 when the app wants to use Bonjour service, or access local LAN, use mDNS service, etc., it needs authorization. If the application needs to use localnetwork, the developer needs to be in info Configure privacy – local network usage description in plist to describe in detail which service and purpose to use

In info Configuration in plist

Privacy local network usage Description: “xxapp” will not connect to the devices on your network, but will only detect the connectivity with your local gateway Users can also modify the permission settings of the app in the “settings — > Privacy — > local network” interface.

When adapting ios14, cancel the pop-up box of local network permission to avoid approval rejection