IOS little white dot effect, ground mouse game, rotation effect, Sketchpad, rich text editor and other source code


IOS selected source

Meituan takeaway order page

Blackboard recording demonstration procedure

Classified round robin, live studio gift list round robin — OC / swift4.0

Rich Text Editor

Refresh more refreshing pull-down refresh cool summer

Custom carousel chart, independent of any picture loading frame, can realize custom PA

Imitating the dynamic cycle of microblog list to display GIF map

Achieve the effect similar to IOS small white dots ybassistivetouch

A simple ground mouse game, involving audio, animation, computing, video

An enhanced actionsheetview control

IOS quality blog

An article reveals the problems related to IOS layout

When you start developing IOS applications, the most difficult thing to avoid or debug is layout related problems. Usually, the reason for this problem is the wrong understanding of when the view is actually updated. To understand when and how views are updated, you need to have a deep understanding of IOS run loop and related uiview methods. This article will introduce these connections, hoping to help you clarify how to use uiview to… Read the original text

Add WiFi authentication test to your app to make the user experience more smooth

When I took a subway ride in Shanghai some time ago, I connected to WiFi of peanut subway, opened QQ music and began to listen to songs. QQ music gave me a pop-up window of “WiFi certification reminder”. Clicking on the certification, I jumped to the certification page of WiFi of peanut subway. After that, I successfully connected to the Internet and had a great experience. As an IOS developer, I can’t help thinking about how to do this? Forget to reconnect WiFi, turn on all the apps in the mobile phone and test them, and find QQ music, QQ,… Read the original

IOS native implementation of 2D code zoom in

Preface life, we are all using Alipay payment. When we scan a distant two-dimensional code, we will find that the lens will automatically zoom in and easily sweep to the two-dimensional code for payment. What’s the principle and how to realize such humanized operation? Scanning code is very common now. Many apps basically have the function of scanning code. There are also many explanations on IOS QR code on the Internet. There are also many examples and open source codes on GitHub, but it is found that app scanning code… Read the original text

On the realization of audio player

You need some knowledge of C + + to read this article. If you don’t know the syntax of C + +, you can check @ lefe? X’s microblog. IOS developers should have some knowledge of C + +. At present, the mainstream apps in the audio market support broadcasting while broadcasting. I am curious about how they are realized, so I reverse the “get” and “Himalaya”. Discover the “get” audio service based on the ijkplayer open source library, encapsulating a D… Read the original

Understanding of the failure of meituan’s IOS interview

Daily bullshit since last year, I have been trying to interview some big companies, because for an IOS vegetable chicken player who is halfway home (not a computer major) and relies on MJ video to get started, after three years of crawling, I can finally do some simple front-end, back-end and mobile interaction gradually, but if I want to continue to deepen, I feel the bottleneck is more and more obvious, and the foundation is weak, which leads to a lot of problems It’s hard to rise, so being able to enter a large mature Internet company has become my recent… Reading the original

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