IOS calendar component, wechat chat framework, telephone address book, mask guide and other source code


IOS selected source

Real time display of log and quick modification of sandbox value are convenient for testing and support shaking

Magic phone

Diversified uicollectionview, easy to realize various complex layouts

Pop up view

Scanning and generation of native QR code in IOS package

A beautiful and powerful IOS calendar component

One sentence implementation of APP mask guidance operation prompt

IOS coredata (2) version upgrade and database migration

Easily build wechat chat framework

IOS easy and secure login keyboard


IOS quality blog

IOS solves the problem that wechat H5 payment cannot directly return to app

Due to the company’s business needs, in order to save the time and manpower to apply for wechat payment, the company decided to use wechat H5 payment. In this way, the time is saved. At the same time, all apps can use H5 payment in the future, which is convenient and fast. But the real problem is that when you make the payment or cancel the payment, you will jump to safari browser, which is very embarrassing. There is no user experience at all. At that time, I saw that Android can directly return to app,… Read the original text

IOS development: in-depth optimization of uitableview

Download address of demonstration project:…; the low-performance version of the project is the tableview implemented by the conventional writing method, and the high-performance version is the tableview after relevant optimization. Why does tableview slide? We can imagine such a scene: there is a teacher, student a, student B, one… Reading the original text

2018 IOS interview questions sharing

Preview of interview questions: 1. How does KVO work? 2. What do you understand? 3. Principle of message forwarding mechanism? 4. How do you understand the week attribute? 5. If the controller is too bloated, how to optimize it? 6. How does the network layer handle security in the project? What are the procedures before 7. Main()? 1. How does KVO work? KVO’s API document in apple is as follows: automatic key Val… Read the original

IOS – don’t see who I see about data persistence

There is always a way for us to find out that we have done nothing all year round, and a year has passed like this. Since I paid attention to a writer named Xiaoduo, there are too many inspirational soul soup in it, so I also learned a lot from the article. In fact, I think that not wasting life is to strive for a better self, and not to waste this time in the world. Directory 1, what is persistence 2, what is sandbox 2.1 sandbox introduction and access to sandbox path 2.2 documents2.2 L… Read the original

Analysis of IOS wechat memory monitoring

At present, the mainstream memory monitoring tool of iotest is allocations of instruments, but it can only be used in the development phase. This paper introduces how to realize offline memory monitoring tool, which is used to find memory problems after app goes online. Foom (foreground out of memory) refers to the forced killing of the system caused by excessive memory consumption of the app in the foreground. For users, performance is the same as crash


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Stop using = = = everywhere

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