IOS 14 may launch a new app experience: no need to download


IOS 14 may launch a new app experience: no need to download

Technical editor: Xu Jiuyi from Beijing
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According to 9to5mac, apple is working on a new app experience that allows users to experience some of the features of an app without downloading an app.

By analyzing the code of early versions of IOS 14, apple is developing a new API called clips. When users scan the QR code of an app or open a link, the API can not jump to the download page of the app store, but directly display a floating window card on the screen to display the content of the app itself.

IOS 14 may launch a new app experience: no need to download

According to the disclosed information, the “clips” API is directly related to the QR code reader in the internal version that developers can access, so users can scan the code linked to the application and then interact with it directly from the card displayed on the screen. That is, it allows developers to provide interactive and dynamic content for their applications, even if users have not installed them.

However, developers will need to specify which part of the application is available to download and read, and the pop-up floating card will display the option of “download the full version of the application from the app store” or “open this content in an installed application”.

Android has a similar feature called slices, which displays interactive parts of an application in places like Google search results and Google assistants.

The code also shows that apple is testing OpenTable, yelp, doordash and Sony PS4 second screen and YouTube to further optimize the new API.

Source: 9to5mac