Invitation letter for dbask technical experts of motianlun


Dear database administrators and engineers
Hello, everyone. Thank you for your support for dbask. Dbask is an open, mutual aid and convenient database Q & a community. You can ask questions on dbask if you encounter any database problems. The platform certified technical experts can answer them online for free, and finally file them into an open knowledge base.
Recently, I noticed that some views in Oracle official documents have not been explained, and many documents on MOS have been hidden. Open source companies have been continuously acquired by capital, but we are always looking forward to building a community environment of open source and mutual help.
Now we sincerely invite you to become a dbask technical expert, discuss with us the exchange and reply to database related issues, and create an open and mutual database technology community.
In addition, in recent years, domestic databases such as tidb, Dayun and Jushan are also growing and forging ahead. Alibaba, Huawei and other cloud databases are also added as new forces. We believe that domestic databases will make great achievements in the future. In addition, we will open the special area of domestic database in dbask one after another, especially welcome the experts related to domestic database to settle in dbask and contribute to the domestic database!

Expert Rights:
a. You can see all the problems on the platform, participate in discussion or learning
b. Identity symbol: identification of technical experts on the platform
c. Regularly invite you to attend our offline expert exchange meeting
d. Present tickets, cultural shirts and books to the technology Carnival
e. Ink value can be obtained by answering questions on dbask, uploading technical documents, etc. ink value can be used to exchange phone charges, Jingdong card, etc. (PS: 50 ink value will be given automatically after becoming an expert).

Dbask applet:
With the increasing number of users, dbask has released wechat applet for the convenience of users. The release of the applet allows you to ask questions anytime and anywhere, and experts can reply in the applet instantly, reducing the threshold of asking questions and speeding up the process of question interaction. In addition, you can browse the knowledge base in the wechat applet, which is convenient for finding and learning related problems.Invitation letter for dbask technical experts of motianlun

Dbask permanent expert mission
The following is the resident expert team of motianlun dbask (including the majority of Oracle ace and Oracle ace director level technical experts of domestic IT service providers). We especially welcome database administrators and engineers to settle in dbask and inject fresh blood into the dbask expert team of motianlun.
Invitation letter for dbask technical experts of motianlun

How to become a dbask technical expert?
Log in dbask on the website:, and click [apply to become an expert] in the upper right corner. You can join the dbask expert team of motianlun! (PS: login again after approval)