Introduction to WordPress comment management function


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Now let’s look at the comment management function. Comments are an important way for readers to communicate with you. Comments management function is also very important. In particular, because some websites abuse the function of comment to publicize websites, spam comment can’t be prevented. As a result, WordPress separates comment management from other management functions.

There are three buttons under the comment function tab: comment, waiting for approval (comment of), Akismet anti spam comment (if you do not activate the Akismet plug-in, there is no such item).


Wordpress 评论Under the comment sub tab, there is a search box. You can use the content of the comment, as well as the reviewer’s email, website, IP address and other information.

Under the search box, there areView modeandBatch edit modeTwo browsing methods, the default is the former. In view mode, you can see the reviewer nickname, email, website (if any), IP address, comment content, comment time, etc. of each comment. For each comment, you can edit it, delete it, fail to approve it, review it as junk comment and view the original text of the comment.

Edit comments. You can edit every comment’s publisher nickname, email, website, comment content, comment time and all other information except publisher IP.

Comments that are not approved will not appear on your site.

Information reviewed as junk comments will be automatically learned by Akismet plug-in. If similar comments are encountered next time, it will be automatically treated as junk comments. Therefore, this comment should be separated from the one that fails to pass the review.

In batch edit mode, you can select comments in batch, delete them or approve them as junk comments.

Awaiting audit

Under the waiting for approval sub tab, list some comments that need to be reviewed. These comments are generally those that need to be reviewed according to your own rules.

This function is that WordPress itself provides a function to prevent spam comments. You can use WordPress backstageoptioncommentItem to set what comments need to be reviewed.

Only approved comments will be displayed at the back of your post.

Akismet anti spam review

The Akismet plug-in uses the services provided by the Akismet web site to check your site’s comments. This plug-in can effectively help you identify spam comments and reduce your review workload.

When you start using WordPress to set up a website, you may not be harassed by spam. But a few months later, you’ll find a lot of unsolicited spam comments, which are generally for promoting a spam site. This rubbish comment is annoying to you.

Akismet helps you find these junk comments and automatically saves them for you for 15 days. Within 15 days, you can check whether the normal comments are mistaken as spam comments; after 15 days, the spam comments will be deleted. Of course, you can also delete all the garbage directly.