Introduction to the ultimate Lecturer: gather 27 lecturers to call the first rust developer conference in Asia!


Rustcon Asia enters the countdown! Just this Saturday, 300 + developers will gather in Beijing to participate in Asia’s largest rust language developers conferenceRustCon Asia。 The conference will gather almost all senior developers of rust Chinese community, Chinese local rust projects that have been applied in the production environment, and top developers from Europe, Australia and North America outside Asia. Has everyone made an appointment with mianji?

Time: April 20-23

Venue:Beijing Wangjing Hyatt Hotel, No. 8, Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Workshop location:Block a, POSCO center, Dawangjing science and technology business park, Chaoyang District, Beijing

We released it before“Great God noodle foundation guide (1)”Eight star lecturers were introduced. Today we continue to introduce them to you  19 bitHeavyweight lecturers and their topics, come and see if you are interested!

ALEX: Senior Software Engineer, enterprise independent consultant, translator and author of technical books

Alex will share two themes in rustcon Asia. In the talk session, Alex will introduce the basics of rust with the theme of “how to learn rust effectively”. After listening, he must know the real reason for the “high learning curve of rust”. In the workshop, Alex will share the theme of “rapid development of restful microservices using Actix web and diesel”. In this sharing, todolist will be taken as an example to talk about using Actix web and diesel to implement microservice interface services.

ROBOTXY: Ali’s mother, rust Development Engineer

Robotxy will share with you his practical experience in using rust in the demand scenario of high performance and high stability. So far, the project has been in stable operation for more than two years and has also experienced the test of double 11. In this process, we have encountered many problems, which must be a good case for us to learn from rust in the production environment.

ZIMON DAI: Alibaba Cloud City brain, rust Development Engineer

At this conference, actor system will be shared. Actor system is a popular application direction of rust (such as Actix). Zimon wrote the distributed actor system framework ups with rust, and developed a large-scale computing system on this basis. At this conference, he will focus on sharing several key technical issues in the design of distributed actor system. After listening to this talk, you must be able to easily write a simple actor system that meets your needs. Moreover, it is said that it will open source soon.

WAYSLOG: BiliBili senior middleware development engineer

Wayslog will bring two topics to share at this rustcon Asia Conference. In the talk session, he will share “rust at bilibilili” and introduce bilibilibili’s problems and solutions in the process of applying rust. It is said that as long as you are brave, he can teach you to write rust. In the workshop, waylog will take you to make a simple resp parser.

OLIVIA HUGGER: rustbridge Organizer

In the workshop, Olivia will teach you how to write rust. The first part focuses on the syntax and semantics of rust language, and connects rust with the programming concepts of other languages, especially the popular scripting languages, such as JavaScript or ruby. Then there will be an interactive presentation and guided and self-directed exercises using rustling.

Ding Yu: Doctor of computer science, Peking University, senior security researcher of x-lab

In this workshop, rustcon Asia, Ding Yuhui and sun Mingyu will introduce how to build a secure and trusted framework in rust and guide everyone to learn and discuss step by step.

This X-lab workshop will take you to play rust in two aspects: SGX and TrustZone. Ding Yu and sun Mingyu will introduce trusted computing theory and hardware assisted trust execution engine, and then hands on time! Take you to the programming practice and final discussion of rust + SGX and rust + TrustZone! Interested students, please do your homework.

Ilya Baryshnikov: rust Development Engineer

In the talk session, Ilya will introduce several examples of “heavy calculations” provided by webassembly in react + three.js app, and compare the performance of JS and rust. Then, Ilya will share the experience of applying rust and web assembly to the app. Let’s discuss how the wasm binden library will help you communicate with the JS world and reduce references.

In the workshop session, Ilya will discuss more details about rust and web assembly, and have in-depth exchanges on two topics: moving computations to wasm and DOM manipulations.

Gautam Dhameja: writer, rust Development Engineer

Gautam will bring us a workshop with the theme of “building a blockchain using rust with parity substrate”. In this workshop, Gautam will teach you how to use rust to build a custom, efficient and modular blockchain, including the introduction of substrate framework, how to use it for development and case demonstration.

XIDORN QUAN:Mozillian,Gecko developer

At this rustcon Asia Conference, xidorn will share the theme of “re: zero writing a custom derived”. Custom derived code is a challenge for new developers, but it has to be said that it is a very useful tool that allows people to write less code while completing more things. It is widely used in the servo style system. This topic sharing will briefly introduce how to use custom derived code in the servo style system and describe how to develop custom derived code from scratch.

HAWKINGREI: BiliBili middleware development engineer

In the keynote session, hawkingrei will share the problems and solutions encountered by BiliBili in the application of rust. In the workshop link, he will learn with waylog and take everyone to learn rust FFI, from introduction to mastery, so that you can bind any C / C + + library and package C / C + +.

DRIFTLUO: rust Development Engineer

P2P is the foundation of blockchain network and should not be ignored. At this conference, drivetluo will introduce the P2P project library, the process from original intention to implementation, as well as the future development and possible obstacles.

Ning Zhiwei: Secret ape technology researcher, programming language enthusiast

In this conference, Zhiwei will bring us the workshop of “rust at cryptotape”. At the same time, Zhiwei welcomes all partners interested in rust to participate. If you are interested in blockchain, you can also discuss with Zhiwei during workshop. In addition, Zhiwei will preside over the conference with Ana!

Qu Peng: tikv R & D Engineer

At this rustcon Asia Conference, Qu Peng will bring a speech on the theme of “future in tikv”. Rust has become the best candidate for system programming with its excellent compile time memory management and seamless compatibility with C. Qu Peng’s team used rust to develop the whole tikv from scratch, in which a large number of parallel processing logic are based on futures RS library. In this speech, Qu Peng will introduce the basic usage of futures RS in tikv and how to build a similar concurrency model by himself.

Tang Wei: parity development engineer, author of sputnikvm and RUX microkernel, rust developer of etc team

In this speech, Tang Wei will share his experience in implementing libsecp256k1 with us. Libsecp256k1 is a No_ The pure rust code base running in STD environment can provide complete secp256k1 signature and verification functions.

WISH: tikv R & D Engineer
SHIRLY: tikv core development engineer

Wish and shirly will bring the keynote speech of “integrate trust Prometheus into your application”. In the workshop, they will take the simple web server written by rust as an example to teach developers how to use rust Prometheus to continuously collect application indicators.

Ana(hoverbear): tikv Senior Database Engineer, lifelong open source contributor

In rustcon Asia, Ana will preside over the rust community conference together with Ning Zhiwei, a researcher of secret ape science and technology. ANA is a person full of enthusiasm for open source community, technology and education. Ana also loves making friends. Remember to find ANA in rustcon Asia and become friends

Tang Liu: pingcap chief architect

The first opening lecturer of the conference is Mr. Tang Liu. It is said that he will talk about the process of rust in pingcap from scratch and then to the gradual growth of tikv, including the community partners participating in the contribution, the past face-to-face activities, as well as the series of courses currently being done by pingcap, so as to warm up everyone.

LV Guoning: administrator of rubychina, organizer of ruby conf China

This time, as one of the initiators and organizers of rustcon Asia, Daniel must also feel the beautiful touch of launching Ruby conf China that year. This time at the rust community conference, Daniel will give you an opening speech with the theme of “why rustcon Asia”, and look at the current rust community from the perspective of long-term contributors and managers of an open source community. Let’s look forward to Daniel’s understanding of the times

The rustcon Asia Conference lasted four days, including keynote speeches on the morning of the 20th and the 21st, and several thematic workshops on the 22nd-23rd. The keynote speakers are senior rust developers and active community contributors at home and abroad; Workshop topics will cover the introduction to rust development and the actual operation and demonstration of mature technology stacks or products. The conference is coming soon. Please look forward to it

Activity time: April 20-23

Venue of the conference: Beijing Wangjing Hyatt Hotel, No. 8, Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Workshop location: block a, POSCO center, Dawangjing science and technology business park, Chaoyang District, Beijing

At present, rustcon Asia has a small number of remaining tickets. Click【here】Purchase.

Official website of the conference:

Twitter @RustConAsia

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