Introduction to star a routing algorithm


Introduction to star a routing algorithm

Do you want to create some monsters or protagonists in a game to move them to a specific position and avoid walls and obstacles?

If so, please take a look at this tutorial. We will show how to use the A-star routing algorithm to implement it!

There have been many articles on star a routing algorithm on the Internet, but most of them are provided to senior developers who have understood the basic principles.

This tutorial will start with the most basic principles. We will explain the star a routing algorithm step by step, with many diagrams and examples.

No matter what programming language or operating platform you use, you will find this tutorial very helpful because it explains the principle of the algorithm at the non programming language level. Later, there will be a tutorial showing how to implement the A-star algorithm in the cocos2d iphone game.

Now find the shortest way to a cup of caffeine and delicious snacks and start!:]

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