Introduction to setting methods and functions of windows LNK workspace of win10 system


Users who use win10 for the first time will be very unaccustomed. Many convenient functions in win7 are hidden or deleted, such as desktop notes. In fact, this function is also available in win10, but the entry is changed. It is the ink workspace of windows. What is the ink workspace? How do you want to open it? Let’s introduce the setting method and function of ink workspace. Come and have a look if you need it.

Setting method of windows LNK workspace in win10 system

1. Right click the taskbar and select “taskbar settings”.

2. In the right column of the opening interface, find the “open or close system icon” under the notification area and click.

3. Locate the windows LNK workspace and turn its slide switch on.

Functions of windows LNK workspace of win10 system

After opening the windows LNK workspace, we can open the windows LNK workspace in the taskbar in the lower right corner of the desktop. Click the icon to see that in the latest version of win10, the windows LNK workspace has three functions.

1. Note paper function. Note paper is added on the computer desktop to record some work and study plans. At the same time, it can set multiple note papers and adjust the background color.

2. Sketchpad functionality. Is to give a piece of whiteboard paper for graffiti.

3. Screen sketch function. Change the white paper in the sketch board to the desktop.