Introduction to OpenCV image


Introduction to image processing

An image is made up of pixels

Image classification: binary image, gray image, RGB image

Channel order in opencv: B, G, R

Read pixel

Return value = image (position parameter)

Gray image, return gray value

BGR image, the return value is the value of B, G, R

# eg:
p = img[88, 142]

Returns the pixel in row 88, column 142

BGR image, the return value is the value of B, G, R

# eg:
blue = img[78, 125, 0]
green = img[78, 125, 1]
red = img(78, 125, 2)

When accessing, you can specify the name of the channel

p = img[78,125]

Returns the value of three channels

Modify pixels

img[88, 99] = 255

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