Introduction to free SSH client tools under Windows


If your operating system is windows and you want to connect to a Linux server to transfer files to each other, you need a secure shell software called SSH for short. In fact, SSH is a network protocol that allows you to connect to Linux and UNIX servers through the network. SSH uses public key encryption to authenticate remote computers. Whether you use SSH or automatic login, you can use a variety of ways.

This article introduces several SSH clients that can connect to Linux server.

Let’s start.


PuttyIs the most famous SSH and telnet client, originally developed by Simon Tatham for Windows platform. Putty is an open source software with available source code and the development and support of a group of volunteers.

Windows 下的免费 SSH 客户端工具

Putty is very easy to install and use. Usually, you don’t need to modify most configuration options. You just need to enter a few basic parameters to start a simple connection session.Click here to download putty

Bitvise SSH Client

Bitvise SSHIs a Windows client that supports SSH and SFTP. Developed and professionally supported by bitvise. This SSH client is powerful, easy to install and easy to use. Bitvise SSH client has a graphical interface with rich functions, and carries out dynamic port forwarding through a built-in agent with automatic reconnection function.

Windows 下的免费 SSH 客户端工具

Bitvise SSH client pairIndividual users are free to useAt the same time, the same is true for personal business use within the organization. You can be hereDownload bitvise SSH client


MobaXtermIt’s yoursThe ultimate toolkit for remote computing。 In a Windows application, it provides a carefully tailored package of functions for programmers, network administrators, it administrators and other users, making their remote operation simple and fashionable.

Windows 下的免费 SSH 客户端工具

Mobaxterm provides all the importantRemote network tools(such as SSH, X11, RDP, vnc, FTP, mosh, etc.), and on the windows desktopUNIX commands(bash, LS, cat, SED, grep, awk, Rsync, etc.), all of which are used out of the boxSingle portable programProvided. Mobaxterm pairFree for personal use, you canDownload mobaxterm here

DameWare SSH

in my submissionDameWare SSHIs the best free SSH client. It seems that dameware has cancelled the download of the software.Click here to download

Windows 下的免费 SSH 客户端工具

This free tool is a terminal simulator that allows you to establish multiple telnet and SSH connections from an easy-to-use console.

  • Manage multiple sessions with a tabbed console interface
  • Save commonly used sessions in the windows file system
  • Use multiple sets of saved certificates to easily log in to different devices
  • Use Telnet, ssh1 and SSH2 protocols to connect computers and devices


Smartty is a free multi label SSH client that supports copying files and directories at any time using SCP commands.

Windows 下的免费 SSH 客户端工具

Most SSH servers support up to 10 sub sessions per connection. Smartty does a good job in this regard: there are no annoying multiple windows, there is no need to log in again, and you can start by opening a new tab!


Cygwin is a hodgepodge of GNU and open source tools, which provides functions similar to Linux on a Windows platform. (Download address

Windows 下的免费 SSH 客户端工具

CygwinIt includes a UNIX system called simulation library: cygwin DLL, which integrates a large number of GNU and other free software, and is organized in the form of a large number of optional packages. Among these installation packages, there are high-quality compilers and other software development tools, an X11 server, a complete X11 development kit, GNU Emacs editor, Tex and latex, openssh (client and server). In addition, there are many, including everything that needs to compile and use physiotoolkit software under Microsoft Windows.

After reading our article, which SSH client do you prefer? You can leave your comments describing your favorite system and why you chose it. Of course, if there are other SSH clients that are not listed in this article, you can help us add them.

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