Introduction to development environment from windows to Linux


System selection

For the development environment, if you want to make less trouble, you should give priority to Linux mint, which is one of the most used desktop distributions in foreign countries. At the same time, all operations are relatively humanized. It is recommended to give priority to it.
(for example, nativescript only provides DEB package support by default.)

Download here:…

If you like the native Ubuntu, it is recommended to use the LTS version, which is also applicable to this tutorial.

Of course, what’s more important is that it can be consistent with Ubuntu server.


Sogou input method, direct installation:…

Nail nail…

Select AMD64 Deb’s bag.

If you need QQ, wechat and Alibaba Wangwang

This is the best solution at present: (one click script is being made, thank deepin for providing)…

Of course, there is Qingfeng QQ:



JetBrains family bucket:…

Atom and other ides, please search by yourself

Other developer tools:

Wechat developer tools:…


WPS is the best use:

Missing Chinese font:…


Chromium Chinese: (install chromium first)

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser chromium-browser-l10n

Vivaldi browser

Google Chrome browser

Development environment:


So far, you basically have everything you need.

If you need to play games, please install steam, dota2 and other large games.

Some operation commands and wikis:…